How to Meet Girls While Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is my favorite way to get around a city.

When visiting somewhere new, one of the first things I do is get access to a bike so I can explore with freedom.

You can get around quickly, have much more maneuverability than a car, ride through parks, and don’t have to be chained to public transportation.

During my trip around the US, I had a Dahon D7 in the trunk and used it to ride around different towns and cities, as well as National Parks.

While on a bike you stick out among the crowds by riding a head taller than pedestrians, moving smoothly, having some speed, and standing out as an easily noticeable target.

When the weather is nice in New York, I usually get around by bicycle and have noticed that girls are always making eye-contact when I’m on it. Guys I know who ride bikes have witnessed this phenomenon as well and we have had many conversations about how to make this work to our advantage. I didn’t capitalize until this past year, and I finally figured out a way to successfully hit on girls while riding.

It started when I was in the town of Akron, Ohio and I was exploring the streets for the first time. I was on the little Dahon, which isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing bike in the world, but it still gets the job done. A group of cute girls was coming out of a Starbucks and one of them looked in my direction. I smiled, turned the bike around, gave the little bell on my handlebars a few dings, and rolled up to the girls.

There was a big smile on my face upon approach and I stopped, stayed seated on the bike and said “excuse me girls, you look like you know of some good places to go out tonight, any suggestions?” They asked where I was from, gave me names of a few bars, and then I said, “by the way, what do you think about guys on bikes?” One of them replied “I think its hot” and the others agreed. I dinged my bell a few more times and asked them if it was alright to roll up to cute girls and ask for a date while on a bike. They agreed and then I went to one of my go-to lines “well, its a hell of a lot better than online dating” and left with the cutest girls numbers in my phone (no, we did not hook-up).

In each city I visited, I used the same formula to meet girls. There were only a few unfriendly rejections, but over 80% of the 20+ girls I approached by bike were very receptive and friendly. *The city with the most unfriendly, bike-averse girls was Boca Raton, Florida (bitches who sneered at the bike). Cities who love guys who ride were: Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Austin, and New Orleans.

A girl I slept with in Minneapolis worked at a bike shop. I met her after my first Dahon got stolen from the animals in Chicago, and was in the shop waiting for my new one to be put together. I flirted with her the entire time I was waiting and we arranged to meet up at a concert later that night. When I arrived she was pretty buzzed and very excited to see me so it was easy to get back to her place for some sex.

The pillow-talk afterwards revolved around how she found guys who ride bikes extremely sexy. She often wished that she that guys would ride up to her and approach while on a bike, but it had never happened, not even once in a city filled with cyclists. Guys on bikes reminded her of cowboys on horseback, freely roaming the plains and being masters of their environment. I joked and told her that every time she saw a guy riding by on a bike her pussy got wet. She laughed at this, I touched her crotch, it was soaked, and we fucked again.

I’m looking forward for the weather to warm up again in New York and plan on using my bike riding tactics all over the city.

Its something that works, makes approaching girls during the day fun and easy, and if you get rejected you can just laugh, ding your bell, and ride off into the sunset.

ding,ding bitches


  • Riding a bike is a guaranteed way to get noticed by girls, you will get stared at and checked out while on a bike
  • If you see a girl, don’t be afraid to roll up to her and approach by bike
  • Ding your bell if you have one to make the situation light and fun
  • Tell her she looks like she knows of good places to go out and ask for a recommendation
  • Keep the entire situation fun, you are indeed riding on a bicycle
  • Remember that this is one of those ‘rom-com’ fantasies that girls have, treat it like you are starring in a funny film (a trick of mine to relieve anxiety)

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

2 comments on “How to Meet Girls While Riding a Bike

  1. Ever tried it on a motorcycle? Sounds like even if you have absolutely no game that it would still be pretty easy to get numbers or insta dates

    • I got my license and had a street bike for a summer 10 years ago. Almost crippled myself in a crash and haven’t ridden much since.

      Girls would be checking me out all the time on that bike but I never capitalized…”absolutely no game.” Although I took plenty of girls from my social circle out for rides.

      It would be great to get a hold of a motorcycle and see what I could get away with now.

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