How to Date a Model

As much as I’ve enjoyed the player lifestyle of running around the world and trying to pick up any girl I think is attractive, I’ve also relished pair-bonding with high quality women.

These women were not only beautiful, but they had shining personalities that enhanced my life–they were not the party animals who come to New York to live wild until they burnout. Thats the type of girl you see above in the featured photo–not someone you want around all the time.

Just before I started this blog, I had ended a relationship that lasted for two years. She was a stunning 22 year old girl from Paris who came to New York to finish her studies and also did some modeling.

She posed nude for a lot of shoots and sculptures. One of the sculptures is on display in the city of Paris and it was a surreal experience seeing it in public for the first time when I visited with her. The pictures were featured in fine art publications and they were all extremely tasteful. Think this:


She was a great person from a strong family and would have made a fine wife–she is still insecure as to why I broke up with her and brings it up each time we meet for dinner. *My reason is because I was entering a new phase in life and needed to be alone in order to transform.

There was some talk on Twitter the other day from guys who were claiming that they would never marry a girl who posed naked for public photos. Ha.

I was single for the rest of that year, lived through Go Forth, began this blog, and entered the next phase of my life.

In the beginning of 2015, I met another girl from Paris who also does some modeling, not nude, think of when you open up a J. Crew catalogue, and we saw each other regularly until she had to leave the U.S.

*’M’ from the Roadtrip through Mexico series.

M walks the path

She always pretended to be annoyed whenever I ran up and grabbed that ass…she loved it.

We never developed deep feelings for one another, but more than a few moments during our time together, we were behaving like a couple. Its extremely rare that I’ll be willing to see a girl more than once, especially if we met through a One Night Stand (neither of the French girls slept with me on the first night), but these were two extraordinarily beautiful girls who were also good people–how rare is that in this twisted world?

I’m not an ugly guy, but I still have to work in order to get girls, its why I had to study and practice game so much.

And in order to get the best girls, you are going to have to put in more work than usual.

These two models from Paris became a huge and healthy part of my life and I was able to keep them around and form a bond in very similar ways.

Here’s how:

The First Meetings

You are dealing with a girl who knows full well that she is beautiful–she gets paid to show her features. So don’t fucking mention it at all when you are talking to her in the beginning stages.

After you have been sleeping with her, you can make her feel desired sometimes–she will begin to think something is wrong if you fail to compliment her looks every now and then. A simple “wow, you look fucking hot tonight” whispered in her ear when you are out will suffice.

Make sure you pepper your first conversations with things that are exciting, and be sure to tease her a lot. Remember that she is still a little girl at heart and just wants to have a good time (more on this soon).

One thing that is highly effective with all girls, especially the beautiful ones, is if you form a scenario where it is ‘you two vs. the world’. Do this by creating an inside joke about something situational and you can keep referring to for the rest of the night.

“That guy over there is checking you out…are you really a spy? Does he know?”

And then use the same joke over whenever you notice another dude eyeing her.

Run with it, tell her its ok if she is a spy because so are you and you are planning on stealing the gold out of the Federal Reserve. She could work with you on a plan–but first someone will need to be seduced. Thats what it is, she is just trying to seduce you for information.

You get the point, create any kind of story that you both play a part in–but it always involves the ‘two of you vs. the world’. It will make her feel bonded to you extremely fast.

When you talk about family, always stay positive when talking about your own. If she is high quality, she most likely comes from a good family and instinctively knows its importance. I like telling funny stories about how my brothers had to put up with my lunatic antics while we were growing up, its how boys bond and show their affection, and we are still close and love to talk about the memories when we get together.

Make sure you hook her at first, and hook her deep so she will be interested in seeing you again. You can keep up the flirting by revisiting the ‘two of you vs. the world’ joke a few times, and always, always keep it playful.

Invite her back to your place by asking her if she likes champagne, and when you fuck her, fuck her like a man who appreciates true beauty and wants to ravish it while he can.

I truly enjoy the unique and beautiful curves of a woman’s body and will stay caressing and kissing my favorite parts for long periods of time in the morning, the girls enjoy it too, and its always good to find a special part of her body and compliment her on it–I am a sucker for the spot where the side of the female stomach meets the hips and forms that incredible curve that only a girl can have.

Anyway, to continue…

Keeping Her Interested

This is a girl who is used to having all the finest things in life given to her. Which makes sense since she is one of the most desired humans on the planet.

So you are going to have to give her something that is totally unique and will keep her coming back for more.

And what is that something every man in the world can do no matter who they are?


Girls crave it, they love following a courageous man on a journey to the unknown.

The first French girl and I had known each other a few months, and she was part of a social circle I was in at that time. I had built a bond with her, we had plenty of inside jokes, I had taken her out to strip clubs and rock shows–but we hadn’t done anything more than kiss each other a few times while dancing. She had never had sex with anyone who wasn’t her boyfriend and my inner confidence wasn’t high enough at that point to seduce her.

Unusual circumstances led us to plan a trip together to California and we went on a month long road trip throughout the entire state. During that trip we bonded thoroughly, began having sex, and by the end had become inseparable for the next two years.

As a gift to her, I handwrote a story about the trip in a bound book and gave it to her for her birthday (its something I have scanned and am considering publishing it some day).

French model number two (hi M;) was seduced a lot faster because my confidence had grown tremendously both while in the previous relationship, and after when I was free to travel and meet endless amounts of girls.

I kept her highly interested at first by describing my travels and told her that I wanted to take her places. Within the first month, we had planned a trip to go skiing in the Catskills and after we found that we traveled well together, I immediately started planning another trip out the the desert with her in the spring.

M in hotsprings

Hotsprings in the high desert of Utah.

 While in New York, we would go on bike rides, wander through cemeteries, travel to far away neighborhoods for strange food, find beaches, and were always planning something new.

One my tour of the country last year, she came to meet up for a few days in Detroit and we explored that wild wasteland together.

M in Heildelberg

Fun nights out included planning what we were going to do next. Bringing a pad and pen out to a bar to sketch out ideas over drinks made for fantastic date nights, and created more of the ‘you two vs. the world’ feeling that is the glue of all close relationships.

One thing I will always stress when you are in a relationship, especially with beautiful women who are used to being worshipped by guys, is that you should strive to make to feel them like a little girl.

There should be points where you get them giggling so hard that they say they are going to pee, they should feel comfortable enough to sing silly songs in front of you, and open up so much they share memories of when they were a child.

And its a really fun way to tease them, “you are like a little kid right now!”, when they get giddy.

 If you want to attract the highest quality women into your life, you are going to have to bring something strong to the relationship.

I’ve got rebel blood running through my veins, have read the finest literature man has ever produced, and have lived a goddamn interesting life. Those factors combined have allowed me to enjoy healthy relationships with gorgeous women because they become captivated by my view of the world.

I’d encourage anyone to go out and start living life to the fullest extent possible if they want to make the most of it. You don’t have to have money either, go outside and find something interesting or pick up a new hobby that develops your skills.

Doing things and being a man of action is the fastest way to deepen your personality and develop an irresistible aura.

So turn the screen off, get the fuck out there and go do something.

*I’ve never seen a girl who understands the importance of beauty with a guy who was fat or had no style. Don’t be fat, read this on how to stay fit, and read more about style here.

**Having the proper attitude is imperative if you are going to live an adventurous life. Go Forth is permeated with that attitude. Check it out here.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. Hi,

    I just discovered your blog today and have gained a lot of insight so far.This is random and out of context but what are your thoughts on young guys with bad logistics(i.e. not having their own place to take a girl back to).I haven’t really heard anyone who does game in NYC address this properly. I have heard plenty of guys talk about how to do it in other cities or countries.Is there anything in your books about getting back to a girls place or convincing her to have sex in another location.

    • Logistics is the most important part of getting a girl naked so it will be tricky, but not impossible if you don’t have your own spot.

      Three of the stories in Art of the One Night Stand involve me being creative when I didn’t have a place to go back to, you should check those out.

      What I would recommend is finding a cool spot that is secluded. I assume you have a car–just keep some ‘camping materials’ in the trunk: blankets, candles, wine, pillow to sit on, etc. Scope out your area and find somewhere romantic, like in the old movies where they drive to the edge of a cliff. I’ve taken girls to graveyards many times, if they are cool, they won’t get freaked out about it.

      A lot of girls have a fantasy of having sex out in public, so it will be easier than you think.

      • Thanks for the reply.I don’t have a car, I mostly travel by bus and subway.I’ve had to live at home due to some debt from being laid off a while ago and some past health issues.I’ve gotten jobs but don’t have enough to move out permanently. My first instant date (a german tourist)fell through due to not being able to figure out where to take her to have sex, she was staying in a shared room in a hostel.I had money for a hotel but felt awkward about how to pull it off.

        • Well, it’ll be tricky, but you can still pull it off by going on a little hike somewhere nice. Don’t be afraid to trespass in parks at night (but don’t blame me if you get arrested or mugged:)

          Should give you some incentive to start kicking ass and making money though, thats what I did before I put so much energy in to meeting girls.

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