Hitting the Jackpot with Daygame

I’ll let ya’ll guess which one ended up in my bed. I’m feeling classy today.

Shy girl, but agreed to a photo of her staring into a portal to another dimension.

Shy girl, agreed to a photo of her staring into a portal to another dimension.

I will do my best to act like I don't care.

I will do my best to act like I don’t care.

Not photogenic here, but her beauty shined through in person.

Not photogenic here, but her beauty shined through in person.


Sexy girl, terrible exposure.

The spring weather has been unpredictable in New York–like a moody French girl in a stable relationship–you don’t know what to expect but some strong wind, sudden rain, and shifting temperatures.

I’ve been out during the day a few times in the past month and have had some success gathering numbers and setting up dates (back to setting up dates for the first time in almost two years), but its been a slow grind–nothing like hitting the jackpot that is described below.

I was out coaching a client during a day session this past weekend and approaching girls with my camera. I still stand by my claim that Camera Game is the by far the best way to screen girls quickly–blowouts are rare, especially in a relaxed place like a park, and it brightens the day for everyone involved.

I do want to stress the point here that daygame/camera game does take a LOT of time. Much of your success will depend on factors outside of your control–the weather plays a big part, so does time of day, location, season, planets aligning, butterfly effects, the zeitgeist, etc…

So much of your time will be spent hanging around waiting. Its an exercise in patience and allows for some practice getting out of your head. To pass the time, you can notice the springtime leaves sprouting, the color of people’s clothes, the sounds of chatting, smells in the air–as long as you keep your mind busy and in the moment, you will find that the downtime can be pretty enjoyable.

Having a wingman also makes the waiting worthwhile as you chat about sexy girls, strategy, and keep the conversation positive and light. We practiced my usual method, beginning with two slow laps around the park while keeping an eye out, and then sitting down on a bench to just wait and watch to see what will float downstream.

After about 25 minutes, we saw a female sitting on a bench not too far away and got up to approach. My comrade thought she had been looking over at us first, but when I approached she turned out to be an Ice Queen. She let me take a picture, but had absolutely no interest in opening up in conversation. “Well, I’ll let you be then, have a great day.”

Its important to keep a positive attitude while dealing with interactions that go nowhere–beating yourself up over a rejection reveals insecurity, and completely kills your vibe.

Remember, its “Her Loss!”

We made another wander, took a seat to observe the crowds, and spotted a tall girl looking at her phone and smiling. She had a fantastic body that stirred my urges from 100 yards away. Because she was making me horny from afar, the energy was able to be channeled outward on my way over. I approached quickly and asked to take her portrait.

Right after the first shot, I put the camera down and she started wiggling like a sexpot and touched the pendant that was hanging around my neck. She said “Do you want to hear a secret?” and I replied “Of course darling, I hope its naughty.”

She then told me that she had just come from a bottomless brunch and was feeling a little bit drunk. She also confessed that she had just ‘dined-n-dashed’ and ran away to the park without paying the bill. I told her she certainly was being a bad girl and I was very proud of her. My pendant was patted again and she felt my chest and pushed her slinky body in to mine.

I have to admit that at this point I was taken aback. Never before had I come across a girl during the day who was this overtly sexual right off the bat. She was behaving like a chick in a bar who was horny and approached by someone she took a liking to–it was bizarre to experience in broad daylight with little kids just a few feet away.

I put my hand around her waist and told her that we needed to hang out together. I was busy at the moment (setting a good example as a pick-up coach;), but would be free in a couple of hours. She said ‘yes!’ and then I gave her my phone to punch her number in.

The next two hours only contained two more worthy approaches–and both of the girls were prime examples of what to look for an instant date during the day.

Sitting alone, and after the introduction/photo is done, you ask “So what are you up to?” and the response is “Nothing, just sitting here.”

Replies don’t get better than that. If your banter/flirting is tight, you will be able to bounce a girl in that situation to another place in less than five minutes.

My favorite time of day for this is just before sunset, when people are looking good drenched in the golden hour of light, and girls are just milling about in the park.

During golden hour in NYC you may come across some Power Rangers and a girl with her ass hanging out.

During golden hour in NYC you may come across some Power Rangers and a girl with her ass hanging out.

You should have some cool places to take them for a date–the perfect setup would be a lounge with some jazz–like I describe in this Camera Game success story here. But any decent cafe’ or bar will do.

Before the coaching session was over, I sent the half-drunk-sexpot girl the text: Hey naughty, Its Goldmund. Come out to Williamsburg to drink and dash with me.

An hour later, as I was walking back to the train, my phone started ringing. She was calling and asked where I was. I told her I was on my way to Brooklyn and she should come meet me. I had a dinner date, but would be free in two hours. She said she needed to go home to clean up but would be in touch.

I met an old girlfriend of mine for dinner (is that beta?), and had the sexpot texting me before it was over. I told her to come meet me at a lounge in my neighborhood and when she showed up, she was shiny and clean. Its amazing how 21 year olds can drink all afternoon, take a shower, and then go back to it at 10pm like it was a brand new day.

At the particular lounge we met at, a similar scene plays out with each different main actress I show up with. Have a drink at the bar, then move to the backyard for a joint she may have brought along, kiss, then have the next drink in a back booth in the speakeasy section, more playful kisses, and then an invite to my place to listen to Radiohead over a nightcap.

Credits roll when both parties are sweaty and satisfied.

In total, I was out for over three hours and made four approaches. Three of the four were extremely receptive and just what you should be looking for while practicing daygame.

But that is a lot of downtime where you have to keep yourself in the proper state of mind (don’t fuck up your vibe by playing with your phone), and exercise patience.

During the pillowtalk debrief, the sexpot mentioned that she loved the fact that I met her by asking to take her photograph. She was immediately turned on and thought it was like something out of a movie.

I’m sure she would despise the fact that I was out with the intention to meet girls, as most females despise it when they are shown that there is a strategy to seduction, and similar buttons can be pushed to turn most of them on. But since when has prey ever have liked to think that predators can be cunning?


Seduction strategies have been written about since men could write.

This is a book for the man who needs instruction in loving. Let him read it and love, taught by the lines he has read. Art is a thing one must learn, for the sailing, or rowing, of vessels, also for driving a car: love must be guided by art.

Check out player Ovid’s first guide to game here.

For a very detailed and clear guide to get you started meeting girls through photography, check out An Introduction to Camera Game. You’ll enjoy a fulfilling hobby that has great potential to get you laid.

Buy Camera Game here.

And find out more about my coaching sessions here.


About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

7 comments on “Hitting the Jackpot with Daygame

  1. Sexpot’s narcissism loved being approached with camera. It’s also why she would’ve been made had you let her know you were using the camera as strategy. Don’t like it to give her that special feeling and then just take it away.

    • A big reason I was motivated to begin using the camera to meet girls was because I saw the rise of the selfie during these past few years.

      Of course girls are going to respond to being approached and having their photo taken! Especially cute ones who are used to viewing photos of themselves daily.

      This is described in more depth in the book.

  2. Somewhat unrelated. I watched the Megyn Kelly interview with Donald trump. She said that Donald called her a bimbo several times and concluded, “Now you have my cell phone number! ” I immediately thought of you, Goldmund.

    • Haha. Yeah, this entire Trump fiasco is a giant lesson in game for the masses. He knows how to tease pretty women perfectly, and they love it. No wonder so many losers hate him!

  3. 3 hours and 4 approaches seems like a lot of downtime and boredom though. What were you doing the rest of the time; staring out into the horizon planning your next adventure?

    • It is a lot of downtime for sure. In the beginning of the article I mentioned that its best to use that time to practice getting out of your head.

      I’m coming at this from a major introverts perspective–staring into space, planning out the future, and dwelling on internal thoughts is going to mess up your vibe and make it difficult to open up to others when you do approach.

      This is a massively important point to consider because a lot of guys have mentioned that they get bored during the day and get frustrated once they realize that you are only going to get one or two decent opportunities to approach an hour.

      This warrants its own article and I’ll most likely have one up. You have to be willing to grind if you want to have success with quality girls during the day.

      • hah or it sounds like you could just hang out at parks nearby bottomless brunch spots

        that article sounds like it would be very helpful too

        I enjoy your books and writing

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