I wish…tonight.

I tell girls to write down something that they wish would happen tonight.

She was waiting from a call from her agent about performing at some venues in New York. A singer. We exchanged info...if she gets the jobs, i'm on the guest list.







Can you tell me what that means?

This one speaks for itself. Ha!


She was very sweet, and a lot cuter in person...the picture does her no justice. We sat talking for a while after but her feminist leanings were too much for me. Peace.

Nice skin tone, very American.

She asked me where all the good rooftop bars were and I told her about some good ones in Brooklyn and exchanged numbers.

It was her friends birthday, she invited me to go meet them all at a bar later, took her number...won't respond though.

This German from the north wrote 'to drink a beer with my amazing friend'. Easy to please.

Heh. Her wish came true. She was curvy in all the right places: big ass, huge tits, blowjob lips.


This hottie was all dressed up and ready to get fucked, but the guys in this city are so tame that she was only approached once...by an old ugly drunk whom she danced with.

This annoying girl was trying to cockblock the hell out of me. What's really funny is that her answer read "I want to have fun with my friends" and the entire night she was trying to hook up with the really shitty guitar player. She ended up taking him home and getting banged...I know because I banged her roommate.

Ima special snowflake, there is no one like me anywhere.

She was trying to play innocent, but this one had a slutty look in her eye.


I think this chick was on something strong. But she wanted to see some boobs, so that's cool.

Sexy! But with friends and the night had just started, she wanted to make more of a memory than just my cock.

Her sister was very drunk and really upset about something. She was a Russian girl, the best looking of the night...but was not going to leave her sister for anything...believe me, I tried.

Nice girl, innocent right?


These slutty ladies were on a road trip, that one glaring was practically begging for cock.

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