Pretty girls are always the most pleasant.

The Camera has become a large part of my life. I started using it as a fun way to meet girls and it evolved into something much more.

My work has been featured in galleries in New York, and it is still a very reliable way to meet new women.

Interesting photos are a great way to connect with people and I also utilize them to turn this blog into something that stands out.

I hope they provide inspiration in a multitude of ways.

Camera Game began with me finding my old DSLR and I began writing about sex and dating. I wanted their opinions to help me write and article I was working on and had them write down three things: our location, where they were from, and one thing that they thought guys could do to become more attractive (those shots are below).

After each shot we had a productive conversation about dating, and if we got along well, I ended up taking them out.

It was such a fun, easy, and successful way to meet new girls that I continued using it and came up with a number of other photography projects–each one leading to many dates.

I wish…tonight: I ask girls to write down something they wish would happen tonight–this gets sexy often.

Calavera: this memento from Mexico serves as my wingman sometimes.

Secrets: I ask a girl to write down a secret she has.

The World: Just photos of things that I think are interesting/beautiful. The two subcategories are Humans and Nature.

Cutie of the day! Took me 3 hours to find a passable girl. They seem to be lacking in New Orleans. Exchanged info and are meeting later.

This American girl be like...I'm so original! Next.

Kind of a grating personality, sensed some feminist rage

This girl was cute and we had a nice chat about how guys in this city are like animals. Exchanged info and may meet up later.


A natural beauty who reminded me how classless American girls are. We had a conversation for hours about the state of the world and fucked up culture. I had her admitting that feminism does much more bad for society than good. She is a smart one. By the end of the night we were dancing close and kissing eachothers necks.

This girl was smiling before I even started talking to her. Her friend was a beautiful Nigerian who I took a strong liking to. My wing took this one, and I took Ms. Nigeria.

She really wanted to chat more, but there were other, hotter girls around.

This little vixen had the attitude to match that glare.

I had her laughing so hard that a group of other girls came over to investigate. Picked the cutest one and isolated.

This dirty girl was telling me about her shaved pussy and inviting me for a threesome within three minutes of meeting her.