How to Get a Girl to Come Home with You (quickly)

This is a sampling of ‘crib notes’ I’ve been working on for guys who want to keep a quick reading .pdf in their phones.

I’ve been putting together something special that will be released within the next week, and this is a small part of it–there are two new ventures being launched next week, so stay tuned!

These are handy reminders that you can check during some downtime at night and use for some motivation.

Overview of Getting her Home Quickly

-Go in with the attitude that you are a great catch that a girl would be lucky to be with.

-It doesn’t matter what you open with. What matters is your response afterwards and if you make her ‘feel’ something enough to spike her interest.

-At first talk about something that has the potential to be sexual, steer the conversation towards it right away. You can open with “How are you?!” and when she replies go right into an observation or thought you have been pondering, “Is this place always such a meat market?”, “You look like you’re having so much fun…lets have some fun. Look around, who do you think is single and looking to hook up?” You get the gist–think of something based on your observations and use it for a high energy conversation that hooks.

-Your first encounter is not a normal conversation. YOU have to bring the energy, lead most of it, and talk a lot. Do this until you have really captured her attention and then at a peak in the conversation, either invite her somewhere else by saying “this is fun, lets go to xyz to have a drink” or get her number and imply a date by saying “it feels like we already know each other, here put your number in my phone and lets continue sometime”.

-To make sure she knows what you are all about, drop a compliment if necessary. Look surprised at a point when she does something you like (touches you, laughs), and say “you know, you’re cute” or “I like your style, those are cool rings” and gauge her response.

-If you do get her to go somewhere with you, go to a place that is sexy and dark (scout this out before hand). I personally like to take her to an underground speakeasy, sit in a booth across from her, and then after a high point in the conversation, excuse myself for the bathroom, and when I come back, tell her I want to sit next to her, and if she asks why say “so I can touch you”. If she giggles at this, you can be guaranteed she wants to kiss and is thinking about sex.

-Get her back to your place by inviting her for a drink after your rounds are finished. Make sure you have a bottle of champagne or sparking wine in the fridge. Say “lets have some champagne. I have a bottle I’ve been wanting to drink for a while and I don’t want to drink it alone (you can joke about drinking champagne alone on the way back to your place), you want some?” You can do the same thing with a nice bottle of wine or cocktails, whatever suits your style.

-On the way back to your place, you have to keep doing most of the talking. Distract her with funny anecdotes about the environment—“over there I once saw a guy getting chased by a dog, it was hilarious, he jumped right over those bushes…in that park I saw two people having sex in the batting cage, I only watched them for a little bit” and so on. When I get to my little apartment building and go in the doorway, I usually say “well, the doorman must have the night off!” as we enter to keep it light and funny.

-When you go into your place, try to get her right in the bedroom to get comfortable. Play some music, show her some interesting souvenir that you were talking about earlier, invite her to see your library, and bring the champagne in with you. Make sure your room is set up before hand so when you come home, its an easy transition.

-Say cheers when your glasses clink and sip the champagne. Say “its like stars exploding in your mouth, sexy!” and then kiss her. Escalate. Sex.

Thats been the exact overview of how I’ve been getting girls home for the past few months.

This year, I’ve been meeting many more girls while out at restaurants, in the streets, and on the subways.

Those places have much more of a spontaneous feel and the girls have been much more receptive.

And they have a fantastic story to tell their friends–which I suspect is half the reason they go along on my little adventures.

Like I mentioned above, two major announcements and opportunities are being revealed next week, so be sure to check back in.

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

6 comments on “How to Get a Girl to Come Home with You (quickly)

  1. Man. it’s articles like this that make me check ur blog every single day and buy every book you put out. this is Gold!

    Nobody on the net breaks it down like you in such detail. not only do u help with lines, but u explain the reasons behind them. every time I get laid, kiss, number etc its from using one of your moves or techniques and variations of your lines. you’re very inspiring and your stories and adventures motivate the hell outta me.

    Keep it up man. Really dig what you’re doing. lookin forward to future products!

    • I think it was Krauser who wrote about engaging the hindbrain during the entire way back home in order to distract her from questioning what was going on…but it really is necessary in order for the both of you to remain comfortable.

      And its not easy rambling along and keeping the energy up, especially if you are on the introverted side, it took me a lot of practice.

      This may require an in depth post on its own.

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