Game Tip for Going Out Solo in 2017

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Going out solo was how I learned Game in the late 2000s.

Even before I had any strategy, most nights I went out, I was alone and was comfortable being by myself, even if I didn’t end up talking to anyone the entire time (I enjoy observing scenes…a lot).

I usually travel on my own and its easy to start conversations with people by saying right away “I’m not from around here, what do you recommend?”

But for the past year or so, its been extremely rare that I have gone out alone in my home town.

Last week, I went out a few times solo around New York and observed some massive changes that have taken place in the past few years.

First off–this point has been beaten into the ground many times over–you don’t see anyone by themselves anymore.

Social media has killed the solo night-goer. They used to be out there much more often, but definitely not in a busy lounge/club environment, and finding a sexy girl out alone is like finding cash in a dumpster.

**My favorite places to find girls alone (not during the day) is either eating at a high end restaurant bar or on the Subway**

So when I rolled around saying my usual “Hey, what’s going on tonight?” to start a conversation, I was met with “are you here alone?” right away.

My response at first was “Yeah, I like meeting new people” and then when the girls found out I lived in New York, they looked at me nasty and the conversation fizzled out.

This happened a few times and when I switched venues to a place that was seething with girls and had a great vibe, I knew it was time to get creative.

The next set of girls I stepped up to with a smirk and “Hey, whats up?” predictably asked if I was alone and I responded this time with:

Yeah, my friend just met a girl and took off with her, so now I’m on my own.

Immediately the vibe changed with the girls and they began asking where they met and we started gossiping like old friends.

It was easy to play along with because I’ve been in the situation plenty of times before where a guy I was with peeled off with a girl and I was left solo.

I wanted to try this out some more, and did so with similar results each time:

-The girls faces lit up immediately.

-They wanted to know more.

-Interest was high and sexual.

I was feeling good with my new found power and excused myself from the set I was talking to with “I’m going to explore on my own for a little bit” and then went up to the bar to intercept a beautiful brunette who was walking up for a drink.

I said Hi, we started chatting and then the question came up…this one asked “who are you here with?”

Well, I’m alone, my friend just met a girl and took off with her.

She responded with “that was rude of him”.

No, I’m happy for him. They were getting on really well. We had already had dinner together anyway and were all caught up.

Smiles all around, we chatted about times our friends had gone home with other people, and when she said that she needed to go back to her friend, I told her to find me in a few minutes.

On her way to the bathroom she passed me, said “stay right there” and on her way back she grabbed me by the arm with “lets go, you’re coming with us” and led me over to her blonde friend who was by far the sexiest girl in the entire place.

The brunette was telling the blonde about my ‘friend’ who had left to go hook up with someone, and when the Uber came, we all got in the back, their legs draped over mine, and they proceeded to describe in detail how they were both cheating on their boyfriends.

I was privy to text messages they were sending to the cuckolded guys, the girls were roommates and used each other as alibi’s when they needed to throw their boyfriends off the trail of cheating.

I just laughed at everything and knew it was just ‘don’t fuck it up’ game from there on out, and at the end of the night, the brunette came home with me to get fucked silly and give me a blowjob in the morning before going to meet her friends for brunch.

The rest of the weekend, I was feeling great and continued to use the line

I’m alone now, my friend just met a girl and took off with her.

with great success.

There are a number of connotations loaded into the phrase.

-It implies that you are available. 

This is key while out at night. If the girls take a fancy to you, they can feel free to invite you anywhere they want and have their way with you.

The girls described above even said to me “this is going to be an adventure, you don’t know what is going to happen” as we were waiting for the Uber.

I knew exactly what was going to happen–the less work for me the better.

-It opens them up to talk about sex. 

Right away sex is on their minds and you can go into a story about how you’ve seen fast hook-ups, one night stands, describe attraction…use a variation of one of my favorite phrases in the world, “I’m trying to figure out why I’m so attracted to you”, and so on.

The sooner you can get them thinking/talking about sex, the better.

**The girls in the above example were so damn comfortable with me that they shamelessly bragged about cheating on their boyfriends within minutes of meeting me…bingo**

-Lets them know that you hang out with cool people.

Guys who get laid hang out with other guys who get laid. This is a Law of Nature.

-Sex is a part of life and is natural. 

By not making a big deal out of it, and dropping it in casual conversation demonstrates you realize that two people who are attracted and getting along might as well hook up. It gets her thinking and excited about the prospect.

-Stirs up natural female jealousy. 

Females get jealous, its a feature you should use to your advantage. By implying that your cool friend already found a worthy girl for the night will get the girl you are talking to thinking about why she hasn’t had anyone sweep her off her feet yet.

-Demonstrates confidence. 

You are happy that your friend met someone and not jealous of him at all. And you still have the gall to stay out alone and have a good time regardless.

Some girls responded by saying “wow, I would have been so pissed if that happened to me”.

I’m sure this could be analyzed up and down all day long, but the simple fact is that it works.

And I don’t feel bad one bit by dropping a white lie when it comes to appearing more attractive to women I’m meeting for the first time.

They get to wear push-up bras, make-up, and perfume to overstimulate my senses, so I’ll say whatever words are necessary in the beginning to tantalize their testy little brains.

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About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

20 comments on “Game Tip for Going Out Solo in 2017

    • Hmm. I enjoy sharing my experiences, even when they contain some harsh realities that can’t be fixed. What most people gather is that even though things are messed up, you can do your best to enjoy yourself and make the best of circumstances.

      And have some common sense when choosing a girl to date…the ones described above are probably the worst choices you can make in a girlfriend–that’s their partners poor ability to read women as much as anything else.

    • Hmmm. I just smile about this…

      About 1/2 the girls I meet via daygame that date me, are in a relationship. It’s totally normal to me, at this stage.

      These days, I assume every girl is with someone else as well… and then I’m never caught off guard. This is turning my whole attitude about “cheating” around for me.

      If she makes me feel “uncomfortable,” I don’t need that in my life. But I would be a fool to think that girls in my life are not, or have never, fucked anyone else.

      None of these girls are my “girlfriend,” but this might be especially useful if that’s what I wanted. This is part of female psychology… when a good man comes along… they fuck him.

  1. @markpower49M – Women can be amazing, inspiring and dynamic experiences, but as with all things there is a negative side as well. Learn their nature and master that nature, then all the reward will be yours. Carrying a grudge is an unnecessary burden that can short-change you in the future. Invest in yourself, be the best man you can be, and remember that women are a compliment to your already awesome life, not the sole reason behind it.

  2. “I’m trying to figure out why I’m so attracted to you”
    What a world…
    What would you do if you could do anything with no chance of failure?

  3. This is a great tip and I will use it. I still think important is being left unsaid about why it works.

    I am not saying I know exactly what it is, but this is such a strange phenomenon, with such a simple workaround, that it seems like something fundamental is being revealed here about women today that has to be puzzled out.

    Here is a possibility. My first question is WHY are women so hostile to a guy on his own?

    Often, women’s responses aren’t even to external stimuli, but to perceived shortcomings of their own. Like when you do something nice for a stranger, it reminds her she would never do something nice for a stranger, so she says something snarky like: “Aren’t we a little boy scout.”

    Unlike women in the past, she is much too chicken to go out on her own, so you being alone reminds her how chicken she is, so she has to pretend there is something weird about it to feel better.

    That’s one possibility.

    The other one is that these girls have been primed by Tinder and whatever to have a million guys paraded before them like options on a menu, and have gotten into the habit of making snap decisions based on very little information.

    Oh. He’s alone. Swipe Left.

    Of the two, I think it is the second one that is probably closer to the truth. That it is more of a conditioned response, like one of Pavlov’s dog drool responses. I think this is so because of how easily you seem to get around them. If it went deeper, a simple one liner wouldn’t defuse it.

    I mean, obviously, they don’t really care about hanging out with a guy going solo, as long as he has a good reason that they can understand. It isn’t the aloneness that bothers them, it is the reason for it.

    It could be too that women are less socially skilled than in the past, and need really obvious, over simplified rules to make decisions, and the reason your line works is that it distracts then and gets their minds on a new track, just like when you distract a toddler who wants something in a supermarket.

    Anyway, thanks for being out there doing the field work. This is fascinating to me, I don’t know if anyone else shares analyzing the deeper aspects of this, so apologies if this comment was too long.

    • Nice, thoughtful comment.

      I can tell you that it is a completely different world since social media came on to the scene and everybody all of a sudden knew exactly where there friends were and what they were doing all the time.

      Tack Tinder and the stigma behind online dating being eliminated in the past 5 years, and most girls think you are a loser if you’re out alone on a weekend.

      Interesting what you said about how girls project a lot of insecurities on others…this is true for a lot of people and their weaknesses. There is certainly weight to that.

      Its going to be a combo of all of the above, plus many more things that can’t be accounted for.

      Whatever the case, the nightlife scene has changed drastically with the advent of social media and smart phones–the skill is being able to adapt with the times and not obsess over the causes.

      • @Goldmunnd – Spot on. The main focus is adaptation and understanding what’s at play behind the scenes, not so much the “why is it that way” of it all but the “what is” of it all. Your comment is similar to my recent post (, which to quote from it, everyone is looking for something and once you know what to look for the world opens up to many new possibilities. I think what you’re outlining here is people (girls in particular) crave excitement and adventure and being able to create and share that is skill that can be more powerful than one might think it is.

  4. >> “I’m alone now, my friend just met a girl and took off with her.”
    >> There are a number of connotations loaded into the phrase.

    I’ll add another…

    I love the concept of the Secret Society in game. It’s obviously not literal, and I don’t think the girls can articulate that concept most of the time, and yet… so many seem to “get it.” And love it when we “get it.” And all that means the rules of “polite society” don’t apply.

    So… in that comment, I think you’re nodding at the secret society. You’re saying, “All of us in the secret society are here to get laid, I hang out with guys that are in the SS. You’re obviously in the SS. Rules of SS apply…”

    As you silently eye-code with a girl after you say this for a 1/2 second, she’s like… “Ohhhh, he’s one of those guys.”

    So of course, these girls immediately let you in on their action… all the running around they do… and then… “the connection” you had w/ the brunette.

    Great post, man.

    • ha, the ‘Secret Society’ is a funny way to put it…and it is so true.

      One big advantage I had while beginning to learn Game and understanding how all this really works is that I was living with two hot girls who were pretty slutty.

      As soon as they saw I started getting laid all the time and stopped giving a fuck, they opened up completely around me and let me ‘in’ to their world.

      And oh man did these girls talk so much shit about beta guys and were unashamed about wanting to fuck only the top 5%

      Made me not feel bad about using tactics/game on girls and talking shit about their ridiculous behavior.

      Glad you brought up the ‘SS’ thing, I’m going to consciously be more aware of it now and see when I can spot when/how the ‘look’ that tells me I’m in appears.


  5. Goldmund,

    This is another great tactic. You have given away alot of them. But I have a question regarding this. Lets say its earlier in the night, say before 12 (certainly before 11), and you are asked this. What then? Have you tried it earlier in the evening?

    • It wasn’t that late when I met the girls in the above example…1130ish maybe.

      Its still pretty common for people to take off earlier in the night, especially in New York. If it was really early, you could say that they left for a date alone together and you let them be because they were getting along so well.

      Lot of ways you can work with this one.

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