Game Opens up the World

I hit the road recently with no solid plan except to create as many adventures as possible. The first flight left from NYC and instead of being bored for six hours in the terminal, I ran game, met girls, got numbers, learned about their hometown, and scouted gates for destinations of beautiful women. This method was a fantastic way to begin a journey–women can instill an energy and confidence inside a man like nothing else.

My first stop was the city of New Orleans where on the first night I met up with a forum member and within 30 minutes I pulled a beautiful girl off the street and back to my place where we made love all night. What could be more exciting than that?

The next few days revolved around my camera game–which led to dates with local girls who took me to places that I would have never seen as a regular tourist. They told me about their lives in New Orleans, the messed up economy, the women who practice voodoo, and how hard it is for young people to find a job. Things I would have never heard about without talking to a local.

One night out, a guy saw me with my camera and liked what I was doing. He came over, introduced himself and invited me to an exclusive house party in an old mansion where there was an incredible dj, dancing women, free booze, and revelry until the sun came up. The only reason I was got to attend was because of running tight game.

On my 5 hour connection through Houston, I ran more game at the airport and got to kill time with some cute girls. While waiting to board the plane, I started flirting with a girl on line. We exchanged info, and on my second night in Mexico she texted me an invite to an art opening. At the art opening I met a couple of artists who had tons of intel on the local scene, knew of parties, and one told me I could stay at his cabin in the mountains.

On another night out, I opened two beautiful girls who were with some well dressed guys. They introduced me to the guys, I told them exactly what I was doing–hitting on the two prettiest girls in the place–and the guys loved the honesty. They owned a bar on the other side of town and later on, after hours, we all drove over to it, they opened it up and everyone danced, drank and smoked until daytime.

These experiences would have never happened if I was still the self conscious, anxious, inexperienced person I was before learning about game. I remember very well the hours spent reading everything I could about gaming girls, I remember my very first cold approach–“Can I ask you girls a question, who do you think lies more…” That one cold approach, even though it fizzled out under a minute, did more to my self confidence than graduating from university. It opened up a world of possibility.

The years of study, practice and development have paid off more than any formal education I have received. That’s another thing about game, it is an immediate and personal pay off. The results are palpable–something you can see, feel, and fuck.

So if you are still getting started, keep on. Read as much as you can about it, but more importantly, go out and make the approaches. Like I tell girls to get them all tingly, “These are the good old days, there is no war to fight, we don’t have to hunt or worry about survival, so what else is there to do? Travel the world and meet as many people as possible.”

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.