Video Footage from the RooshV Protest in NYC

One of the most hated men in the world right now.

The witchhunt for Roosh this past week was one of the most fascinating furors I have ever seen.

It reinforced many of my existing beliefs about the world and provided concrete evidence for the following:

  • The media is endlessly corrupt and should be viewed as mindless entertainment (and they are dangerous idiots)
  • The masses of sheep are easily tricked
  • People love putting a face to evil, even if it means ignoring truth
  • Facebook is for retards
  • Embracing masculinity and being a straight white man in these times is an act of rebellion
  • The truth is only going to be found in underground sub-cultures
  • The manosphere is the new beat generation
  • Attempting to reason with the unreasonable is an absolute waste of time
  • The NYPD is great at its job
  • Feminists are ugly

As much as I disagree with Roosh and think his How To Stop Rape article was done in poor taste, his overall goals, quest for meaning, rebelliousness, and penchant for mischief is right up my alley.

*And anyone who believes that either he or his audience is pro-rape at all is either mentally handicapped or completely unstable.

I was planning on going to the meetup before they were officially cancelled and had been in touch with the NYC organizer (he is a friend of mine) throughout the week.

When a large group organized a ‘counter-protest’ via facebook in Washington Square Park, he decided it was best to meet at another location. So we arranged to meet up at a lively bar a few blocks South of the park.

Before meeting up with the group I went down to the park to see what the protest looked like.

There were over 100 people there and they were gathered in a circle around this banner:

Rape a .38

You can’t rape a .38?

Cops were everywhere and the atmosphere was unusually somber. I kept overhearing people say “are these guys really going to show up?” but only one girl mentioned Roosh (she referred to him as a ‘that vile troll’).

Most people who chose to step in front of the banner were speaking about their traumatizing sexual experiences. *Although not one that I heard was a victim of an actual rapist.

It was mostly girls complaining that they had been ‘raped’ by their boyfriends. One even mentioned that she was ‘raped’ right after she had sex with her boyfriend. She didn’t want another round and he did.

Its good for people who are actual victims to be able to speak about it and get all of the shit out of their system and Roosh created a reason for people around the world to get together and raise awareness about rape victims. He has done more for ‘anti-rape’ than any of these muppets ever will.

The mob was also on the lookout for a so called ‘pro-rape’ group that I apparently was a part of. Yes, me, an emotionally stable, Ivy League educated lover of women would have been branded with one of the worst labels a man can carry.

Fuck ’em all.

I captured some video of the people who spoke and am only choosing to use one particular speaker because she represents everything that is twisted and dangerous about modern feminism.

Its not necessary to publish footage of those who spoke about their bad sexual experiences, but this one specimen has so many screws loose that I’m surprised she can still operate.

After they were finished in the park, you can watch them march up 6th Avenue to PH-D to continue the ‘protest’. I read in the news that one man got arrested outside of the club (which is on the roof of the Dream Hotel, I’m sure no protesters were allowed up, there is a dress code), but I didn’t feel like following them all the way up there.

I wanted to go drink, celebrate, mingle, and hit on girls with the dozen or so like-minded guys who met up at a bar downtown. And they were all guys I was proud to associate with: intelligent, stylish, prestigious careers, well spoken, and in great humor–the type of men who women lust after and I guarantee every one of them would be the first to step in and stop a potential rapist.

We raised our glasses to Roosh and enjoyed fine company in peace.

Here is what happened in the Park:

It was an interesting experience to say the least and it gave me a lot more respect for Roosh. The press conference he held on the night of the protests is nothing short of brilliant:

Keep up the work Roosh and remain a fighter, what you are doing is important.

*And thanks for banning me from your forum you dick, it inspired me to boost my own little platform;)

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

23 comments on “Video Footage from the RooshV Protest in NYC

  1. I’m glad you posted up about this because I’m tired of seeing girls on fb (girls I know personally and used to respect) bash on a guy that used to be an influence on me. It’s because of ROK that I found McQueen and it’s because of him that I found you.
    One question though…I thought you hated Roosh? I read about how you used to be part of his forum and got banned because of some dispute with another person and you’ve called him “an angry nerd.” But you seem to stand alongside him now. Did you guys reconcile? What’s the deal?

    • Of course I was heated when he banned me with no reason…”he’s a dick” was his response, and he has character flaws like everyone.

      But his writing on game and love for travel in the early days was an influence on my development and is much appreciated. He has done much more for the promotion of positive masculinity than harm and that’s cool in my book.

      And anyone who fights against the fucked up narrative that the media keeps perpetuating has my respect.

  2. “I saw this person as a friend (meaningful pause) and I still do.” Lol.

    If you have ever tried to raise a kid, especially a daughter, you
    recognize this shit right off. No matter how much she tries to dress it
    up. She is really saying:

    “I have more freedom than I am
    comfortable with. Someone, please, reign me in. I don’t have the
    strength of character to say it openly. I will instead get
    progressively, (heh) more and more ridiculous and absurd until someone,
    anyone shuts me down for my own good.”

    This is what these girlgeeks are really doing whenever they express themselves. They aren’t accusing anyone. They are admitting their own failings.

  3. “she was ‘raped’ right after she had sex with her boyfriend. She didn’t want another round and he did”
    If she found a guy that could still go on (immediately) after shooting a load then she’s very, VERY lucky.

  4. Great video, thanks for this cool article – together with Matt Forney’s review of the Chicago meetup, those are two reference posts we can look at for future clashes with SJWs.

    The woman in the video who thinks socializing in bars is “rape” looks to me as if she is not believing herself, but struggles on to fit her arguments into the narrative that gives her at least some structure. Her voice is weak and lacks conviction. She has probably a shitty life and just wants someone to tell her everything is going to be fine. She is not yet ready to form her own opinion and may be too far gone to ever do it.

    But that’s why we need to carry on and move ahead. We have to develop our own strength and then allow others to find us and join in.

    • Yes, I have attended a lot of protests and rallies in my day (especially since I attended University in New York during the Bush administration) and have seen the same mob mentality over and over.

      All reasoning and accountability go out the window in these crowds. People can say the most retarded shit and not only get away with it, but have their twisted viewpoints supported and applauded.

      Mobs are dangerous for that reason alone. Even though I attended a lot of protests, I was always able to remain detached and observe the madness from a distance.

      Good hearing from you man, looking forward to making some moves with you in the future.

    • Thanks Brother Curtius. I’m amazed at the similarities between the two movements. We have very different end-goals but the spirit is certainly the same: fighting the establishment, searching for truth, building a network through writing/art, and using sexual desire as fuel.

      When the times call for it, new voices rise. Thanks for adding yours.

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  6. Goldmund, great footage. What percentage of today’s women believe in the Rape Culture? What percentage of women are feminist? And what percentage of todays young men are magentas and believe these cults?

    • Those are good questions.

      I avoid ugly girls with small brains and large daddy issues so I rarely come across feminists.

      As for the guys…pray to the gods that they find this part of the internet.

  7. It amazes me how a heterosexual male meet up turned into an anti Rape Rally because “I can’t fathom having a conversation with someone I don’t know in a bar at 1am.”
    Great work Goldmund.

    • Caused quite the stir.

      I sat with Roosh the other night over some pizza and beer and we discussed how this has to stay underground.

      I like it that way. Those that seek the truth will have to dig and work to find it. Forget most of the population, they either can’t think straight or don’t deserve it.

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