Finding Beauty in the World Through Photography (and using it to pick up chicks)

Its summertime and you should be out doing things.

That doesn’t mean playing Pokemon, every time I see someone over the age of 15 playing that stupid game I want to chuck their phone in a river and explain to them the following…

Life is short and you should continually be learning new things, observing, and working on your creative powers–then sharing your perspective, work, and insights for others to benefit from–if you don’t find meaning through that, then you can start going to church this weekend.

One simple way to start exercising your ability to find beauty and meaning in the world is through photography.

Train yourself to find patterns in everything

Train yourself to find patterns in everything.

Cameras are an absolute miracle of modern times and to me, they represent one of the top three inventions of the 20th century:

Twitter poll.

So it makes sense that you should aim to become proficient in using one.

During a dark period in my life, I turned to photography in order to get out of my head and focus on things that I found beautiful. At that point I was suffering from severe social anxiety and didn’t like being around people, so my subjects came from Nature–a place I continually return to for comfort.

Male Cardinal

Birds are great subjects because they are everywhere and are usually doing something interesting.

Hummingbird Nest

Fucking cute.

Plants are where medicine comes from.

Like everything that is worth doing, you are going to have to focus, practice, and develop your own style in order to produce worthy results.

When you go out with a photographers eye, you automatically begin to be drawn towards things that are beautiful. Sometimes they are found in out-of-the-way, unlikely places.

In a swamp, coming out of the mud.

In a swamp, coming out of the mud.

You start to notice details in everything–where patterns form, how things relate to each other, how color/composition plays a role, and how to create mood/atmosphere with your images.

I can safely say that photography helped save me from a depression and allowed me to find some happiness in an evil world.

California condor.

Taking photos is a productive hobby.

It also gave me a great excuse to start exploring new places, walking more, hiking up to extreme locations, and learning patience. I also started to overcome anxiety when I recognized that in order to sell my work, I had to interact with people and give them a good story behind each image.

Wood Bee

The above shot took two hours to get, gave me a great story to share, encouraged me to research the bee in order to understand what it was doing–and became my best selling print. Read more here.

Taking photographs is something that doesn’t cost much money, a good camera and lens will run you about $400, and there is plenty of free editing software available. You will find that editing your photos is just as important as taking them–its a very relaxing activity that goes well with good music.

If you are thinking about which camera to get, read my review of the Canon T4i. (and buy it through the link!)

Save the best photos you have on to your phone so you can tell dates about your hobby, then use it as an excuse to sit right next to her and touch her while she flips through your album.

You’ll notice that it also makes for a great topic of conversation. Girls love asking what kind of camera you have when they see it out, and then you can tell them about what kind of subjects you enjoy shooting.


“I like taking pictures of interesting people” brings guards down quick.

When I started doing street photography and coming up with ways to make girls part of my projects, it forced me to interact on a deeper level, and connect with them instantly since we were becoming a part of something together.

Never in my life was I able to get numbers, arrange instant dates, and get them excited faster.

It did more for my game than anything else I had tried before.

I go into this in thorough detail in my book, An Introduction to Camera Game: how to Seduce Women Through Photography.

I also break down exactly what gear to get, how to get good with the camera, how to develop your own style, and how to come up with fun projects to get girls highly invested in you.

Check out the book here.

And read a review from Kyle at here.

For more portraits of girls, you can check out the Girls/Photos pages.

And check out a Photo Tour of an Afternoon in NYC.

For more pictures you can follow me on Instagram.






About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

6 comments on “Finding Beauty in the World Through Photography (and using it to pick up chicks)

    • I wrote this post in response to watching all the zombies roaming around with their eyes glazed over, hoping for imaginary things to appear. Building nothing.

      Real beauty is out there but you have to look for it. Each one of those photos brings back a flood of memories and emotion for me…I caught myself images of real monsters and slayed some inner demons while I was at it.

      Is that you on instagram calling a seagull an albatross? ha

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  2. Awesome post man that bee shot is glorious, it was worth the wait. I have a natural built in connection to nature so I know where you’re coming from. You’re making me want to buy a camera now. lol It seems to me that you might be looking for a deeper meaning to life, am I right?

    • You should definitely invest in a camera, they are fantastic tools to help you observe the world in detail. Also check out my Camera Game book for some inspiration;)

      I’ve always been on a search for meaning, just want to find some truth in this messed up world we have to navigate.

      If you haven’t read Narcissus and Goldmund, I highly recommend it. I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of it:

      • Lol I already am. Camera game sounds creative man, I am sure to get to that a.s.a.p, thanks! By the way your blog layout is refreshingly unique. I recently started a blog too, although is not as developed as yours I focus on aspects of reality consciousness. It might assist you in understanding certain aspects of life that you are trying to figure out. I offer my own brand of understanding of life as I have experienced in my short life. Living a young life of intense religion, and my own research that have lead me to a conclusion. “Nothing of itself exists, and nothing exists for nothing” I know you are probably a busy man, but if you get a chance check it out. It’s a little rough around the edges but its fairly workable, here it is

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