Films Men Should See (Kubrick)

For the next week or so, I’m going to be focusing on the importance of style in a man’s life.

A good way to develop an eye for beauty and gain a deeper understanding of style is to observe films that were created by men who had brilliant vision and masterful understanding of composition.

Bad entertainment: most of Hollywood, TV, and the internet is like junk-food for your mind. You want to avoid it if you can and only stick to the healthy stuff. The films I recommend are recognized to be some of the greatest ever made and they will stand the test of time.

Here are some more of my favorites…

One of the most interesting directors to ever get behind the camera was Stanley Kubrick. He doesn’t have a huge body of work, but everything he put out is quality.

Famous for shooting scenes dozens of times over, making his actors play their parts in many different ways, and obsessing over every single detail, his films took years to complete.

You know a director is meticulous when you watch his movies over and over again and see new things each time.

The four I have chosen to review here were picked just because of frame of mind, I chose to re-watch each of them during this past month, but I can safely say that every single movie he made is a sight to behold.

Paths of Glory (1957)


Kirk Douglas puts on a powerful performance as a World War I Colonel who is ordered to lead his men on an impossible mission.

The role he plays is one of an Alpha whom I really look up to and respect. He holds frame in the face of impossibly trying and twisted men, leads his soldiers without fear, stands up for the truth, and is always the most clear-headed in the room.

Its a war movie that is a metaphor for human existence. The world is an unfair, cruel, and mostly evil place. You can fight like hell, know what the correct thing to do is, endure others evil…and still, a small twist of fate can stamp you out of existence.

There is one scene at the end that took me by surprise and really made this film something special.

It shows you that in the midst of all this hell, there are some things that are so beautiful that they will stop you in your tracks and bring tears to your eyes.

And women are something to be appreciated.

A Clockwork Orange (1971) 


I must have watched this 20 times as a teenager and Alex is my all time favorite gangster on film.

He plays a sadistic, psychopathic, violence-obsessed rapist who doesn’t give a fuck about anything except his own amusement.

There is one clip in the film that captures my style of game when I am in ‘the zone’.

Notice the way he looks around, alert, taking everything in, outside his own head, always curious. Also note the confident stride and movement of his body. Every move he makes has a purpose and he knows exactly what he wants.

He also completely ignores the girls silly blathering and brings them both into his world. Perfect game to run on two bored chicks looking for fun.

Everything about him there screams confidence and self amusement. I get that way after a big hike in the mountains, accomplishing something I’ve been working hard at, seducing a beautiful woman quickly, or just having a good laugh with some friends.

Alex gets that way after a little “Ultra-violence”.

The film is a strange one, its not every ones cup of tea, but if you allow yourself to become immersed, you’ll get a lot out of it.

*I’d recommend watching this with subtitles since the language Alex uses can be quite flowery.

Barry Lyndon (1976)

barry lyndon

The first time I saw this one it blew my mind wide open. I had never seen anything like it before and there hasn’t been anything like it made since.

The cameras Kubrick used to film this movie were completely unique. There were nothing like them in existence, they were originally designed by NASA to film satellites in space. Then Kubrick hired a genius lens maker to fit a specialized lens to the cameras that was twice as fast than any other lens in existence.

This allowed him to film the entire movie in nothing but natural/candle light.

The effect is astounding. It really looks like a 19th century painting come to life and every single shot is a pleasure to behold.

And this is the type of story/character study that I love. Barry Lyndon, the subject, is not a good man and he isn’t necessarily evil. He is just a guy who does not care about much more than himself. Wandering through life, being poor, marrying rich, going to war, losing everything, and back again.

But nothing seems to really phase him. He is just a man that makes things happen, whether they be good or bad.

The sort of nihilism that is fascinating to me and I employ in a lot of my own personal adventures.

This is a film that I watch with girls that are good enough to keep around. Its a great one to cozy up to, pour some tea, turn the lights down and enjoy together.

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)


This fantastical movie contains more truths than any other film I have seen. The only way to frame the truth sometimes is to tell it through a story that seems larger than life.

The gaps between the poor, the middle class, the rich, and the super-rich are so vast that it is hard to imagine.

This film explores the chasms between the classes in a perfect way.

And it also illustrates perfect game, the troubles that will always arise in long term relationships or marriage, and the true nature of women.

To top it off, the opening scene is Nicole Kidman stripping down and revealing her perfect body.

An epic enjoyment and learning experience that will keep you thinking.

If you enjoy stories about adventure, sex, and descriptions of exotic locations, don’t forget to check out Go Forth, my personal tale of tearing through Mexico with the sort of nihilist attitude that makes things happen.

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And if you want some coaching and be able to run game like Alex, feel free to spend a night with me out on the town and come meet some girls: read more about that here.



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  1. Just watched Barry Lyndon and was blown away. The soundtrack is perfect as well. The characters of Reverend Runt and the young Lord Lyndon really struck a chord with me because there are so many weak and jealous men like that who try and sometimes succeed to bring a man down to their level.

    • Yeah, I was pretty surprised after I read some of the criticism on Lyndon. To me, its the perfect movie…everything you can’t experience in real life presented on screen in the most beautiful way possible.

      Great stuff.

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