A Female Reader of my Blog Comes to Visit


This post is exactly what it sounds like.

About a month ago, a girl contacted me via Twitter and expressed her gratitude for some of my writing and revealed her curiosity about the way I live life.

For some more backstory and her review of Go Forth, click here.

We had been communicating a bit through Twitter and before long I told her that she should come out to New York and I would show her a good time. It happened to be her birthday at the end of May and she wanted to give herself an adventure and indulge in a brand new experience upon entering her 25th year of life.

C made plans to come out for three days during the Memorial Day weekend and I invited her to stay with me.

Some who I told about this seemed shocked, but I am fine having strangers come stay with me–I was very active in the couchsurfing community when it was young and fun six years ago and have hosted over 70 people. After communicating a bit with C, I could tell she wasn’t a crazy person, and she sent me some tasteful nudes so I could see what I was going to be getting in to.

The nude pics and videos proved she was definitely fuckable and I wouldn’t be disappointed.

It wasn’t the sex I was mostly looking forward to, but the interesting story that was certain to come out of the whole experience. This was going to be the first girl I would meet in real life through my writing.

During the weeks leading up to C’s visit, she would text me her nervous concerns and worries about flying across the country to meet a total stranger to fuck for three days–I kept her comfortable by reassuring her that we would have a great time and the sex would be fantastic–and she kept sending nudes.

Her responses were cute and she admitted to growing up very sheltered and was a relatively inexperienced lover, which I found endearing.

On the night of her arrival, I arranged for us to meet at a train station in my neighborhood and took her to a local bar to have a drink. She was shorter than I expected, her face was prettier than what I had seen through a screen, her demeanor was pleasant and submissive, it was obvious she had arrived horny with anticipation, and it was easy to be affectionate right away.

As we chatted over a drink, I made sure she wasn’t a lunatic, we made jokes about me turning her into a leather bag, she sent texts to her friends who were checking up on her, we kissed a lot, and when the drinks were finished, we headed back to my place.

We fucked right away and it ended up being so-so. A huge reason I refuse to do any online dating is because the expectation you build by meeting someone through a screen first can never live up to reality. This lingering wall was between us while we had sex for the first few times and the lack of passion was evident–even during the hearty blowjobs she gave–it was hard for me to feel much because of a barrier created from the lack of pursuit on my part. In order to feel a real connection with a girl I need to put forth a significant effort in order to seduce her, without the effort, the sparks don’t flare up like they should.

I did end up sleeping well and the morning sex provided a stronger connection.

After we got out of bed, we went to a local cafe’ and had breakfast in the backyard while sharing stories about life and what we wanted to get out of it. I realized how inexperienced she was and how much she admired what I did and found it strange to be with someone who knew so much about my inner workings before even sharing a real conversation. Putting oneself out there through real writing is a risk that phonies on Facebook will never understand. It allowed an extra modicum of respect she had for me, but it also added some intimidation by what she had built up about me from reading my work.

As usual when I share what I do and explain how I make my current living–it sounds strange to hear the description vocalized. I find the words bizarre as they come out of my mouth and it was no different as I explained it to C, “An outlaw, pimp, poet, lover, cult leader, hustler” was the conclusion she came to.

After breakfast she went to go explore downtown Manhattan and I stayed around the neighborhood to get some work done, ride my bike around the park, and get a sunburn.

We reconvened for another round in bed before she rubbed aloe on my sunburn and then we headed out to dinner. One of the great things about C is that she never finished her meals. I was able to enjoy two entrée’s each time we went out and sample twice the flavors–so I made sure we ordered very different types of food.

That night I had plans to coach in the city and left her behind while I went out with a client–who hooked well with quite a few girls and got himself laid. I ended up having about ten vodka sodas as we were bouncing around venues and became pretty belligerent as the night wore on. A huge part of me was frustrated because this was a particularly good night to be out–the ratios were heavily in my favor and the ladies were being very receptive to all advances–but I couldn’t do anything about it because C was waiting for me back in my bed.

One girl who butted in to a conversation I was having with her cute friend told me she worked in publishing and I explained my experience with self-publishing and the relative success I had found with it. We ended up arguing pretty intensely after I explained how I would never give up the creative freedom and profit that self-publishing allowed. She was working for dinosaurs who printed trite PC garbage that was safe to the touch.

After saying I didn’t want to talk to her anymore, she got mad and called me an asshole as I left to make a loop around the backyard. I then riled up a bunch of skinny hipsters by telling them I hoped Trump was going to take the election, if only to watch the world burn faster and piss off the spoiled kids whose parents were so rich that they could afford to support Bernie–this got the exact reaction you could imagine from that audience and after getting it out of my system, my work was done for the night.

I was in full asshole mode upon leaving the club, and when I met a sexy girl on the train ride home, I started to get even crazier knowing that nothing could happen because C was in my bed. I got her number and told her that it would have been lovely to grab a drink, but I had a guest in town.

When I did arrive back home, the anger had piled up to a peak and I drunkenly ranted to C about the state of the world before passing out hard in bed.

Morning came and my hangover was pulsating. We went out to breakfast and laughed about the night before and I admitted to being disgruntled at having to reject women because she was staying with me. She respected my honesty as I explained and ate my egg sandwich and half of her omelette. We napped for a few hours after having some more sex and then got up in the late afternoon.

I took her to see ‘Dumb and Dumber’ at a small theater in the neighborhood and had a great time laughing together while watching the excellent film.

That night I had arranged to meetup with a group of guys who were in town and before we got together, I sent C off on her own to explore the local bars.

For the next five hours I hung out with the guys, laughed hard, hollered at girls, talked to a big feminist who wrote about the tranny-porn industry, was sent by one girl to go ‘rescue’ her sexy friend from a ‘creepy’ guy, and had a blast hanging out with the group.

Around 2:30 I headed back home and told C to come meet me there. She got back and this time the sex was absolute fire. We fucked long and hard and the amount of energy and orgasms compared to the first time we connected was incomparable.

The next day, we had more electrifying sex until she had to leave to catch her flight in the afternoon.

Overall it was a very relaxing and enjoyable three days. I’m glad she came out and got to see the ‘normal’ side of me that doesn’t get revealed in many of the stories I share–they tend to lean on the side of bravado and ignore the intimacy that is a major part of my love-life.

C was a unique experience and I hope she doesn’t get too offended by my somewhat callous description of her here.

As I mentioned before, this was a lot like my old couchsurfing days. I had hosted over 70 girls, slept with many of them, and had extremely affectionate relationships that only lasted a short period of time. It was like having a newlywed wife for a few days and being on a honeymoon in New York–a city where there is always something new to sample. Many of the couchsurfers ended up returning for a second time and I have visited quite a few in their hometowns. Its something that forges a much stronger bond than your regular one night stand.

After being with so many girls and living this lifestyle to the utmost extreme for so long, it’s getting more and more difficult to find people that I have a true connection with. Its seems like I’ve played out similar acts many times over, and although each girl is different in her own way–I let her go with no feeling of attachment and no expectation for the future.

Although I hope to reconnect with C again at some point, she left my life just as fast and easy as she entered it.

*I’ve had quite a few girls reach out to me after finding my blog and reading my books. This was the first one who was willing to come out and meet in real life. I’m glad to say that it went as well as such a strange experience could possibly go.

**If any other ladies want to get together, check out my very reasonable coaching rates, and be in touch. The only difference is that you might also get a free place to stay;)


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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. Completely agree with this.

    “A huge reason I refuse to do any online dating is because the expectation you build by meeting someone through a screen first can never live up to reality. ”

    People tend to put a lot of stock into whatever bonding happens through texting. It’s usually total bullshit. Phone is less but still worthless. There is nothing compared to face to face chemistry and it really can not be predicted.

    My favorite part is how excited you are to eat her food.

    • Yep, its why I could never do anything on facebook either. I can’t stand witnessing how people project themselves on there and how much it differs from their real-life personality…drives me fuckin’ mad.

      *And yes, food always tastes better when you haven’t ordered it;)

  2. So, let me see if I get this straight. “What do you do for a living?” “I write about getting laid”.
    “Fuck, me?” “Sure”….write ensuing article…..damn….that is a genius business model. Viva La Gig Economy!

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