I had an absolute blast with Goldmund, the man knows how to have a good time and meet girls…we ended up getting invited to a house party and both of us hooked up with two sexy girls from France. It was one of the best nights of my life.
Read about a few successful nights out where me and my client got laid, here, and here.

I am not a pickup artist.

The laughable techniques those guys employ can turn you into something you are not.

Sure, you might be able to memorize routines and use them to entertain some girls for a night…but thats all you’ll be…entertainment.

To maintain an average of sleeping with 50+ women per year, you have to be real.

It requires being fully present, seizing the moment, and living outside the ego, but its as real as it gets.

Girls, especially high quality ones, can sniff out sincerity like bloodhounds.

I can say for certain, being able to observe a successful approach go down is the most effective way to improve your game.

The way my coaching will work is that we will begin with a short email evaluation of your level of game/goals/desires/thoughts, and then plan a night to meet up.

We will meet over drinks for a half an hour to see what our chemistry for winging is like. We’ll come up with a game plan and then go out to meet women.

I have been going out in Brooklyn for over 15 years and know where the girls are. The great thing about Brooklyn is that the ladies here really enjoy unique experiences. Its why they come.

I’ll open up girls and start the conversation rolling, and then you can either sit back and observe, or jump in and take over.

If you feel comfortable to open the girls on your own, I’ll do my best to be the best wingman you will ever have (every time I have coached someone, I have successfully managed to create a situation where my client was isolated with his girl and able to kiss/get a number/or bounce her to another place).

My entire goal of the night will be to get you interacting with girls, getting numbers, setting up dates and (hopefully, fingers crossed), getting laid.

The cost for a 3.5 hour session will be $397, plus drinks for the night. The places I go do not charge covers, but if there is an event where I know a lot of friendly girls will be, you will take care of the small cover fee as well.

If you want, I can also show you how to run effective camera game, thats up to you.

*If you are interested in something longer, and want to visit New York City, I also do a package deal called The New York City Experience.

It has been a success so far. We talk to tons of girls, get numbers, guys have been opening on their own, getting tons of experience…and its been a good fucking time.

A follow up email:

Thank you for hanging out tonight. It was great to observe your good vibe, not give a shit attitude when it comes to approaching and aggressiveness when a girl is giving some resistance, the way you keep conversations going, the way youre going about it with the goal of just having fun. Overall just good to see someone that gets girls in action.

Girls ended up heading home but were down to go… Wasn’t exactly feeling bringing the friend along but will hang out with the blonde in a few days. Taking your advice and as I’m writing this I’m hunting for another bar with motivation and a readiness to plow thru any rejection that i will get.

And here are a few testimonials/recommendations from others:

Without hesitation, Goldmund beckoned me to tag along as he approached the two cutest girls at the bar.  While they were catching up over a few drinks, he stepped between them, smirked, and said, “Hi ladies, this is my friend…”  Suddenly, we were having an in-depth conversation with two beautiful women.  Just from approaching with Goldmund, I learned a limitless amount about speech, posture and how to present yourself.  As somebody who considers myself nervous in approaching situations, I was completely comfortable with Goldmund.  He’s a friendly, knowledgeable guy, a wealth of information based off of successes and failures.

What makes Goldmund’s program unique is the fact that you work together, as a unit.  Rather than just receiving critique, you work alongside one of NYC’s strongest and most experienced players.  Even more importantly, this dude values respect, education and self-understanding; there’s no better person to learn from.

Goldmund is a fearless approacher and a master of game. He has cracked the code to being “on” and has an effortless way with women. It’s rare to to see a guy who genuinely knows how to enjoy meeting girls.

I’ve recently had a chance to hang out with the guy, and I’ll back up any project he does in the future. Not because of the girls we pulled, or shenanigans we were up to, but because he’s genuinely one of the coolest motherfuckers I’ve had to pleasure to hang out with.
There simply is not a dull moment when you’re out with this guy. Be it his crazy stories, or the crazy stunts we pulled with girls without as much as flinching, it doesn’t get much better than tearing up NYC with him as your wing. And the best thing is, that it’s all natural, raw. None of that PUA bullshit, you see around.
It’s that simple, he walks to a chick, he works his magic, you walk to a chick and do the same. No need for pseudo-scientific explanations that takes so long the girl’s have checked out three times over before you’re done. It just clicks.
In short :12/10 would get kicked out of half of Brooklyn bars with again.

Having been told about Goldmund’s plans to move to coaching, the first thing that came to my mind was ”About damn time”.

During my recent trip to NYC, we’ve had a chance to met up to cause some mayhem, which ended up marking the highlight of my trip.

Forget about the fact that he’s up in the triple digits.

Forget about the fact, that guy runs a successful blog, and has a book out.

Forget about all those things, that every other self proclaimed guru out there boosts about, it’s irrelevant right now.

Despite being an established guy in my own right, I still left feeling like I’ve learned something.

See, the thing for me is, I hate average, and if I’m willing to write this recommendation for a guy, you better damn know he’s got something unique to offer, cause that’s the kind of people I gravitate towards. Be it a crazy story about his time down in Mexico, the way we made fun of the bartender who messed up my drink, or getting a bunch of girls ready to leave the place with us. It’s anything but boring…he’s the kind of a guy, who you’re meeting, and the next thing you know you’ll be waking up in a desert, thinking how the hell did I get there.

And along the way, without as much as needing to explain anything to you, you pick up all those things he does that made him accomplished enough to offer this deal in the first place. And before you know it, you’re doing it yourself.

So, having said that let me leave you with this. Going into that bar, I thought I’d meet a guy I’d share a few drinks with, and maybe wing one another into hooking up with a girl or two. Halfway there, I stopped caring about the latter, and just enjoyed the ride. And when I finally left Brooklyn in the morning I knew I’ve meet a guy I could call a friend.

Watching Goldmund in a bar with girls is like dropping a pit bull in a box of juicy steaks. The dude has absolutely no fear when it comes to approaching, and he can sniff out targets like a truffle hog on crack. You want to get better with girls, he’s the guy to go to. Matt Forney

If you want to go out and get some real experience that will yeild real results, send an email to (regular mail, not gmail) and we can set something up.

I am also willing to travel to other cities/countries if the cost of travel and room is taken care of.

And Skype sessions are also available for 100$ per half hour or 150$ an hour.

Cheers fellas, this is an adventure that has been great to share.


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