Observations in Nashville, TN (with video)

The 4 days spent in Nashville were a pleasantly wild surprise. I knew it was a city of music, beer, and rowdy times going in and the party for the entire time I was there did not disappoint. I’ll have a description of the ruckus I caused there–including a very unique hook-up story–and I’ll put up the post-coitus interview […]

How Not to Have a Meet-up

Show up in a city you have never been before Don’t have a specific time or place to meet Have four different modes of communication and you hate using them all: text, Twitter, email, and blog Meet up first with someone early and start drinking at 3pm Talk to a dozen girls and start to […]

Documenting Nashville, TN

Life is taking me to Nashville, Tennessee next week and a plan is coming along. Going to a city and getting a sense of the atmosphere for the first time is a special feeling and can only be experienced once. The energy that builds from being in a new place can be channeled and used for a purpose. I’ve […]

What you should know about Ayahuasca

The first time ayahuasca called me was two years ago. I had been talking about it with a visiting professor who was from Peru and our conversations led to an obsessive interest that caused me to absorb as much information about ayahuasca as possible. A pile of books was read–the most comprehensible, easy to understand, and […]