Documenting Nashville, TN

Life is taking me to Nashville, Tennessee next week and a plan is coming along. Going to a city and getting a sense of the atmosphere for the first time is a special feeling and can only be experienced once. The energy that builds from being in a new place can be channeled and used for a purpose. I’ve […]

What you should know about Ayahuasca

The first time ayahuasca called me was two years ago. I had been talking about it with a visiting professor who was from Peru and our conversations led to an obsessive interest that caused me to absorb as much information about ayahuasca as possible. A pile of books was read–the most comprehensible, easy to understand, and […]

17 Days: East Coast to West Coast

Finally made it to the cool waters and clean air of the Pacific. Left behind the thieves and broken windows of Brooklyn. And started the trip in Pittsburgh–a city awash in white people and white drugs. The rains in the mid-Atlantic made hiking through the Cuyahoga Valley even more spectacular–the rivers and waterfalls were gorged […]

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Pittsburgh, Akron, Detroit. The first leg of the United States circumvent has been started. I’m still getting in the groove, figuring out how things are going to play out, getting used to living out of a car again, enjoying the new environments, having a blast selling my books to guys at bars, and getting very […]