Rolling Solo on Halloween

Never once in my life have I worn a costume on Halloween. Not even when I was a kid, the religion I grew up in forbade celebrating the holiday. And even when I left the religion, most Halloweens were spent at rock shows or private parties. Costumes just aren’t my style, but over the past few […]

The Power of Storytelling

I come from a family of storytellers. My grandparents were experts at recreating events and describing situations that the family had gone through. And there were plenty of stories to be told. Some of the most memorable times growing up took place at large family gatherings where my grandfather would tell of the insane experiences of […]

Art Basel: Sex, Drugs, and Getting Weird (pt.1)

Epic adventures of sex, drugs, nature, strange characters, and new experiences are my favorite part of life. This life is all we have and its the greatest time in history to be alive. Every single one of us has the opportunity to live richer than the kings of the past have lived. Travel is relatively cheap and […]