Book Release! Go Forth:A Journey South

Its finally here. Blood, sweat, cum, and tears all went into writing this guy¬†and I’m proud. A chronicle of the biggest transformation of my life. A period in time that allowed me to reach new heights, discover my true abilities, and become fearless with women. The book contains a lot of sex, yes, but even […]

Films Men Should See (Kurosawa)

If I could only watch one filmmaker’s work for the rest of my life, it would be Akira Kurosawa. Hands down. The brilliance of his storytelling and direction will never be duplicated, he was an absolute Master, and watching his films is tapping into a source of knowledge. I fear that the ability to focus […]

The Best Book About Human Nature

Most of the best books and films I have enjoyed do not have much of a plot. Instead, they focus on the ‘real’ parts of life, the things that motivate, push men to act, and stir the soul. Cannery Row captures this spirit better than any other book I have come across. I remember being […]

Films Men Should See (vol. 1)

A good movie can be a powerful experience. It can open your eyes to new ways of living, elevate your understanding of human nature, and show you the ways of the world. Although most films that have been made are utter garbage and will do the opposite from the above and harm your mind, there […]

Slip a NYC Condom on Yer Dick

The official condom of New York City. It’s my favorite parting gift for a visiting European girl. They get a kick out of it when I say I have a souvenir for them to take home and show their families. The city distributes them for free to bars, lounges, and hardware stores. All you need […]