Come Party with me in Mexico!

Come Party with me in Mexico!

We have SOLD OUT all tickets to Mexico. Stay tuned for future events. During the first weekend in December, I’ll be in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with Christian McQueen. We will be hosting a fun seminar about game, female psychology, tactics, vibe, and what it takes to have the time of your life while surrounded by […]

Using Exotic Accessories to Attract Girls (available for purchase)

Currently Sold Out, New Cuffs Will Be Up For Sale Soon I’ve stressed the importance of style many times before and have witnessed how it can step up anyone’s game overnight. One thing that made an immediate difference and boosted my confidence was when I started to wear jewelry and other accessories. Right away, I noticed a shift in […]

The Manly Mentor Program

During this past year, I spent some time collaborating with Christian McQueen on different projects. When I was down in Los Angeles, we discussed the A Man in Demand Seminar, which turned out to be a great success, and the last time he was in New York, we talked about teaming up and combining our […]

Films Men Should See (Woody Allen)

Woody Allen is a controversial figure for good reason. People love him, hate him, accuse him of crimes and call him brilliant–and I’m sure he loves it that way. He has written and directed almost 50 films and even though some of them aren’t very noteworthy, the ones that work, work perfectly and showcase his genius. […]