Using Exotic Accessories to Attract Girls (available for purchase)

Currently Sold Out, New Cuffs Will Be Up For Sale Soon I’ve stressed the importance of style many times before and have witnessed how it can step up anyone’s game overnight. One thing that made an immediate difference and boosted my confidence was when I started to wear jewelry and other accessories. Right away, I noticed a shift in […]

Why you Should try Photography (photo tour of one afternoon in NYC)

There are endless reasons why you should be discovering new and interesting things to explore in life. Photography is a hobby worth participating in because you can take a camera anywhere, always have subjects to focus on, allow yourself to think differently, document interesting moments, and you can become the life of the party. What follows below is […]

The Importance of Style

When my 30th birthday came around a few years ago, it was a time for some serious self-reflection. I had been studying game for a couple of years and was doing very well (75 in one year!). My girls at the time were mostly coming from the art/fashion world and a lot of them mentioned that I […]