Interview with a Feminist Vampire after I Picked her up by ‘Harrassing’ her on the Subway

Crazy things happen in New York all the time, its what happens when you cram millions of ambitious humans into tiny spaces. Nothing shocks me anymore–I’ve been exploring the nightlife here since I was 15 years old and have seen and experienced some of the weirdest shit you could imagine. So after a wild time partying with Christian […]

Milo Yiannopoulous Bathes in Pigs Blood, Interviews with Homosexual Trump Supporters, Gavin McInnes + a Sexy Girl at the DaddyWillSaveUs Art Show in NYC (video)

I had a great time at the DaddyWillSaveUs art show last night and got some interviews with some interesting characters. Martin Shkreli got a bit too intimidated by my presence and didn’t want to be on film, but he did pose for a picture with my good pal Christian McQueen. And yes, I did get […]

Monologue after Ayahuasca (video)

Ayahuasca didn’t kill me in the Amazon, but it did create a fight for survival. One of the greatest aspects of the ceremonies is that they absolutely force the warrior in your mind to come out and go to war against self-ignorance–there is no hiding from the truth. Without a strenuous battle, you would fail miserably and end up […]