How to Meet Girls While Riding a Bike

Riding a bike is my favorite way to get around a city. When visiting somewhere new, one of the first things I do is get access to a bike so I can explore with freedom. You can get around quickly, have much more maneuverability than a car, ride through parks, and don’t have to be chained […]

Advanced Game Techniques by Goldmund

A detailed breakdown of my most effective game techniques. Throughout this past year I’ve been keeping track of the things I’ve been doing/saying that turn women on fast and get me laid. They are described in this collection in full. These are not necessarily meant for beginners, although I would recommend guys who are just […]

Rolling Solo on Halloween

Never once in my life have I worn a costume on Halloween. Not even when I was a kid, the religion I grew up in forbade celebrating the holiday. And even when I left the religion, most Halloweens were spent at rock shows or private parties. Costumes just aren’t my style, but over the past few […]

How to Pick up Girls at a Wedding

A wedding is a ceremony that revolves around sex. Two people promising to take care of eachother, live for the other person, support one another, and not fuck anyone else for the rest of their lives. A sacred place where you can speak up to try and convince the groom he is making a mistake or […]