Bad Weather Game: Some of the Best There Is

Last night, I was out having an early supper with an old friend of mine–our conversation revolved around typical topics between men in their 30s–business and pussy. After finishing our steak tartare, we went out prowling in the neighborhood, searching for a spot to shoot a game of pool and meet girls. It was pouring rain, the […]

A Cheeky Way to Meet Girls When it Snows

One of the greatest things about New York City is that you can get away with just about anything. People here are incredibly selfish, wrapped up in their own lives, have a million different things going on, and are too busy to bother with matters that don’t concern them personally. You could stand around in […]

How to Date a Model

How to Date a Model

As much as I’ve enjoyed the player lifestyle of running around the world and trying to pick up any girl I think is attractive, I’ve also relished pair-bonding with high quality women. These women were not only beautiful, but they had shining personalities that enhanced my life–they were not the party animals who come to New York to live […]