My Interview With Christian McQueen (video)

When Christian McQueen announced he was coming to New York, I knew we would be in for a wild ride. Although we had ‘known’ each other for a while through the greatest players forum in the world, and some emails, it would be our first face-to-face meeting. McQueen and I roll in very different fashions but […]

Book Release! Go Forth:A Journey South

Its finally here. Blood, sweat, cum, and tears all went into writing this guy and I’m proud. A chronicle of the biggest transformation of my life. A period in time that allowed me to reach new heights, discover my true abilities, and become fearless with women. The book contains a lot of sex, yes, but even […]

Becoming a Better Man

Look at that girl. She was so incredibly happy when I walked up and asked if I could join her for a bit. Visiting from Australia, last few nights in New York, just sitting at a bar chatting with her friend. She thanked me profusely when I left. I screened her (not attractive enough), but […]

Notice the Details

Pick up on the little things. Its something that doesn’t come natural to most men. Many of us like seeing the big picture, making generalizations, and taking the birds eye view. Thats ok and all good–we like to get shit done, do it efficiently, and have a vision. A lot of the time, that requires […]

Anxiety Sneaks up on Me

This past week, there were no women in my bed. Whereas the week before, there were four. Catching up on real life is a must, and its good to get the charges charged back up again. The libido comes and goes, ebbs and flows, like waves on the beach, and I prefer it that way. Change is […]