Things I Don’t Remember

As my fingers punched letters on the keyboard this morning, the smell of a woman wafted up. I curiously sniffed the pointer and middle finger of my right hand and the unmistakable scent of hours old pussy juice was there. The night before I was out late, very late, and had been drinking for 12 hours […]

At Least the Waves are Good

There were high expectations for Escondido. All the rumors about the nightlife, beach sluts, party drugs, and free spirits had me excited. Turns out–I arrived 12 hours too late. The day before was the end of a week long surf competition and when that finished, the crowds left. Scant girls. And I mean very scant, I was […]

My Encounter With a Rapist

Was out doing my thing last night–drinking and laughing with the bartender at a local spot–when I spotted two girls staring in my direction. I waved them over and said ‘hola!’ They were real Mexican natives, looking very zapotec, and didn’t speak any English. They wanted to take my picture. I obliged, made them pose, […]