Video Footage from the RooshV Protest in NYC

The witchhunt for Roosh this past week was one of the most fascinating furors I have ever seen. It reinforced many of my existing beliefs about the world and provided concrete evidence for the following: The media is endlessly corrupt and should be viewed as mindless entertainment (and they are dangerous idiots) The masses of sheep are easily tricked People […]

What you should know about Ayahuasca

The first time ayahuasca called me was two years ago. I had been talking about it with a visiting professor who was from Peru and our conversations led to an obsessive interest that caused me to absorb as much information about ayahuasca as possible. A pile of books was read–the most comprehensible, easy to understand, and […]

Recreating Your Life Story

Someone recently sent me an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times: Tales of the Super Survivors.  It describes how people who have gone through trauma, such as a terrorist attack, violence, or a severe injustice, are not only able to avoid the Post Traumatic Stress that is often the focus afterwards, but […]

What a Successful Night Out Looks Like

There are some nights when everything works out well. Just the way you want it to, and even though the events are unpredictable, right from the beginning you know how things are going to end. This is the beauty of going out, running game, and getting in the ‘zone’. Rejections, mishaps, spilled drinks, and poor ratios don’t affect your […]