The Downsides of Player Life

**This post is quite different from the usual, I wrote it with the tone of how I would sit down and speak to a friend about an idea–so put yourself in that position** Last month I wrote two articles that were very well received and resulted in a lot of interesting feedback. Game Tip for […]

5 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Life

5 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Life

During the first month of 2017, I received more outreach from readers than usual. Although I didn’t publish much on this blog, I was more active than normal on Twitter and many people got in touch (I keep my Direct Messages open, follow me here). It was interesting interacting, answering questions, setting up coaching the NYC Experience, […]

The Invisible Benefits You Gain From Meeting Women

The past few weeks I’ve been hyper-focused on things related to the spirit. Mostly because I’ve been working a few hours each day on my next book–which tells the story of my ayahuasca experience in Peru and delves deep into the spirituality that shapes my worldview. Ayahuasca brings distant, powerful memories and beliefs up to the surface, […]

Recreating Your Life Story

Someone recently sent me an interesting article that appeared in the New York Times: Tales of the Super Survivors.  It describes how people who have gone through trauma, such as a terrorist attack, violence, or a severe injustice, are not only able to avoid the Post Traumatic Stress that is often the focus afterwards, but […]

The Ability to be Free

Its pretty miserable to feel shut down in certain situations. Especially when you are at a place where you are expected to have fun, meet new people, and engage in conversation. Social anxiety was one of the biggest demons I had to slay when I was younger. It took a ton of hard work, a lot […]