Birthday Experiment (send me a present)

My birthday is today.

I never make a big deal about it, and rarely mention it to people, but this one is shaking my psyche a bit.

**Fun fact…I’ve only had one proper ‘birthday party’ in my entire life. When I turned 30 (and had a large social circle), I had my first celebration on the rooftop of my building–I grew up in a religion where birthdays were considered Pagan, so I never had one before.**

I’ll no longer be in my early 30s, and its a shift that is sinking in hard.

Normally, I would indulge in things that feel good: food, booze, sex, people I love.

But on this one, things are going to be different.

I’ve been fasting for 24 hours, and will take a trip out to a witches house in New Jersey to undergo a Kambo Ceremony.

Kambo (or Sapo) is the venom from a frog that lives in the Amazon jungle.

Gathering Kambo involves stringing the frog up and scraping secretions from its skin.

The venom will enter my lymph system through burns on my skin that the witch will administer.

I’ll report on what the exact effects are later on this week.

I decided to do things differently this year because this birthday is causing me to think about whats next.

Kambo seems like a good way to help get your priorities in order.

And of course it will provide a good story to tell.

My writing is heavy on sharing stories, its a talent that I’ve been honing since there has been a strong response to my style.

I love it when people create cool shit and send it to me.

This blog is about to be three years old.

Its been a surprising journey, and grown bigger than I thought it would. Averaging almost 100,000 unique visitors a year and over a million total views means I’m doing something people like.

**Here’s a tidbit –writing in a way that others connect with is a lot of work–for example, Robbed by Russians in Havana took days of writing, editing, rewriting, and tinkering with until it flowed well and sounded right.**

I’ve never pushed for donations before (although if you do, I will send you some NYC Condoms) and want to try out an experiment for my birthday.

I set up an Amazon Wish List that contains some things that I want/need.

You can visit the List and purchase one of the items to send to me as a gift.

Visit the list here.

Just make sure that when Amazon asks you to select a shipping address, you choose “Goldmund”. 

I think I set it up correctly so that my home address is hidden, if not, someone let me know–and if there are any maniacs out there who would come visit–just know that I live in a very sketchy part of Brooklyn and open the door with my right hand while holding a machete in my left.

25% of people on Twitter claimed they would be willing to buy me a gift, so now is the chance to put your money where your mouth is and DO IT!

Now would be especially helpful since I found out that my tooth implant operation is not covered by my health insurance and is going to set me back almost $6,000. That added to a $3,000 catastrophe in my apartment has put a large strain on me financially.

So help a brother out with this one!

Visit the list here.

One compliment I regularly get about this blog is how unique it is. I’ve never seen anyone else share a Wish List before (I don’t know if it will even work), but I know that if I saw that someone did, and I appreciated their work, it would be a much more personal and satisfying way to say thanks.

Visit the list here.

So go ahead, check it out and get me a birthday gift! **Whoever buys that dream Camera lens for me will be able to take responsibility for some incredible new photography up on this site.**

That’s it, I’m done begging…you know you should do the right thing.

Happy 4/20.

Visit the list here.

Again…make sure that when Amazon asks you to select a shipping address, you choose “Goldmund”. 

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

14 comments on “Birthday Experiment (send me a present)

  1. For medical procedures that cost more than $3k you should give serious thought to flying to India, Thailand or Costa Rica and getting it done there. First World Facilities, and way more affordable prices.

    • A friend of mine tried to convince me to get the implant done in Costa Rica…and this was after they messed up a crown on his teeth. They fixed that and gave him an implant for 1500$ I’m sure that there are some places that will do a great job, but I trust my dentist here and don’t want to risk it…especially if they are doing something cosmetic. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  2. Question Goldmund, you don’t have to answer. Does this religion have something to do with being banned in Russia?

    • Yep, that’s the one. Big deal going on right now.

      Growing up so tied to them and watching their battles for free speech in real time did a lot for how I feel about the issues today.

      Even though I’m banished, I still hold a lot of respect for them and what they have done.

  3. Is the implant cosmetic? I had a tooth removed and havent gotten an implant yet. GIrls ask about it and I say “I assumed you don’t hang out with many hockey players” It’s kinda like peacocking

  4. Happy Birthday Goldmund! I’ve been reading ur blog for a while now. And I just want to thank you for the great content u’ve been providing to us your reader

    Will try to send you some gift soon, brother!

    PS: How old are you this year? And do you plan to get married/have children anytime soon? Just curious about your life plan. Thanks

    • Hey, thanks man, glad you have been enjoying it.

      I’ll probably keep the Wish List up for a while…just because, why not? Its so fun to receive gifts from readers.

      Well, I’m not early 30s anymore, in the mid-range now…and its forcing me to think.

      I know for sure that I don’t want to get married every…unless it was because I wanted children. And as for children–I’ve seen way too much of the world to really want to bring another person into it. Especially if I was responsible for that person’s well being and education. I’m putting it on hold right now, and there is no desire to have any…if that changes down the line, so be it, but it is not foreseeable in the next few years.

      Funny thing about having an audience (both through this blog and my other professional endeavors) is that sometimes it feels like you are a surrogate parent when you drop some insights and people respond well. That’s good for keeping the urge to have kids at bay.

      Thanks again for the support, it is certainly appreciated.

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