The Best Diet and Health Plan for Peak Sexual Performance

I’m in my 30s now and feeling the effects.

Its much harder to stay out past last call and have a productive day. I don’t have the urge to fuck 3 girls a day (most of the time), and going out 6 nights a week isn’t as fun anymore.

I’ve always been a healthy eater and very active, but now it is imperative that I keep strict watch on what goes in my body. Just one meal with too many carbs or too much sodium leaves me needing a nap, and two weeks without regular exercise makes me feel that gravity wants to take me straight to the center of the Earth.

That said–when I have a date lined up for the night, I take extra special care of my body that day in order to be able to perform to the max in bed and get the most enjoyable experience from sex with a new beautiful girl.

The following regiment has come from years and years of research and experimentation, it works well for me and my metabolism, and allows my aging body to go all night, with bonus rounds in the morning.

**I’m not going into specifics of what each ingredient is going to do for you chemically because it bores the hell out of me, just believe me when I tell you it works–look it all up on your own if you are really interested. If you are familiar with my work, you can tell I prefer Shamans over scientists.**

Upon waking:

I don’t eat breakfast but instead brew a batch of Bialetti MokaIt’s the coffee I prefer.

While the coffee brews, I do 75 pushups and prepare the mug. In the mug I put a tablespoon of Coconut Oil, 1/16th tsp of Ginko Biloba, and 1/8 tsp of Ashwaganda.

Ever since using the above, I noticed that my erections were harder, and morning wood has become a constant–which is always a good sign, so the supplements will keep going in my coffee.

The brew has enough power in it to keep me going until about noon when I have my first meal.

Which consists of:

2 eggs. While I scramble the eggs I throw in a few dashes of turmeric powder.

2 cloves of garlic, chopped.

1 jalapeño, chopped.

1 small Tomato, sliced.

1/2 of an avocado, sliced.

A big pile of arugula.

Fry up the garlic and jalapeño for about a minute in grassfed butter and then dump the eggs on top and mix until cooked.

Then put the eggs on the pile of arugula, top it with the sliced tomato and avocado, and chomp away.

After the meal I’ll take 50mg of Zinc, a B-complex vitamin, and 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D (the ones in the links are the exact brands I use).

Exercise is extra important on date night. A few hours after the food has digested I’ll hit the gym, get a good pump going on until I’m sweating, and then hit the sauna to sweat some more.

If there is time, I like to go on a big bicycle ride around Prospect Park and pedal up the hill at the end as hard as I can until my legs are burning.

The human body is such a miraculous machine that you can push it hard early in the day and have even more energy later on. Whenever my legs work hard, I feel it in my balls and assume that more testosterone is being produced–perfect for date night.

If the sun is out, I’ll take a sun bath for about 20 minutes and try to get some sun on my testicles for about 5 of those minutes (don’t ask, just do it, and don’t get sunburned).

For a snack after, I’ll eat a tin of Wild Sardines to keep me satiated until dinner.

Then, and I believe this is the magic potion that will keep your libido high all night, I’ll drink a freshly made juice of:

3 beets

2 carrots

1 red apple

1 big hunk of ginger

I used to make this at home myself using a juicer but there is a Korean grocery down my block that makes a giant one for just 3 dollars, so I get it there.

Dinner is simple, a 1+ lb. ribeye from my local butcher, cooked in butter and seasoned with sea salt and pepper. I’ll also eat a bunch more arugula with the steak.

After dinner, I’ll have another stacked cup of coffee, do some more pushups, and straighten up my apartment.


There is something about the beet juice/steak combo that makes my intestines grumble and purge. If you are not used to this diet, you will probably want to give yourself a couple of hours before you leave the house in order to make sure everything gets worked out properly. The benefit of this is that its a great feeling to leave for a night out with completely empty bowels.

To pregame before leaving, I like to sip a high quality scotch. My favorite right now is the Laphroaig 10 year old, which tastes like liquid smoke and starts the fire proper.

I’ll always have a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine chilling in the fridge for later, “you want to come back to my place for some champagne?” has been the question that has led 90% of girls from the past year back home with me.

The rest is up to you. Make sure you stay safe, use condoms, and make the girl happy she decided to come home with you (make sure you also clip your nails before so you don’t cut her vagina, and trim you pubes so she can suck you proper).

Bon Appétit!

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

23 comments on “The Best Diet and Health Plan for Peak Sexual Performance

  1. Great read, as usual. Couldn’t help but think throughout…

    I could totally see myself implementing this. But…that’s cause I’m self-employed. A worker bee would have a hell of a lot harder time doing this. Not so much that it’s not possible, but people will be lazy about it. I sure as hell wouldn’t have wanted to think about all this when I had a 9-5.

    Basically, what I’m saying is – if you work in an office, implement this stuff but don’t beat yourself up if you miss parts of the routine. Work on getting the steps in bit by bit, and try to reach a point over time where it’s just natural.

    • Very true, office life can be the killer of a healthy lifestyle if one lets it.

      So much easier to go to the store for a shitty meal than bring your own food, veg out on a lunchbreak instead of move around, and want to come home to forget everything and just watch TV.

      Crazy how the path that is pushed on most people leads to the least amount of self-discipline–maybe thats not so crazy, but its human nature and the world needs more slaves.


      • Ever try sea urchin (uni)? Scramble it in the eggs (3-4 tablespoons), or just as a snack with a squirt of lemon at least six hours before. It will buzz you. You might not experience a refractory period at all, or reload quicker than normal. Can cause restlessness if you don’t have something to pound on.

  2. Are you taking any supplements, creatine, L Glutamine, etc., as well as the vitamins? I’m taking creatine, multivitamin, L Glutamine, fish oil, high potency vit c and vit d, also BCAA 30 mins before workout. I do find performance in the gym greatly improved. Doing 5 x 5 at the moment with good results…..

    • I take Creatine when I work out regularly…not when I’m only in the gym sporadically and traveling constantly (like right now).

      No other supps besides the vitamins, but my diet is extremely strict and consists of mostly eggs, fresh meats, fish, and veggies…maybe at some point I’ll try BCAA, but I feel good for now.

  3. “The following regiment has come from years and years of research and experimentation…”

    I think the word regimen is required, not regiment.

    Otherwise, bang up job. Great post. Also, I was wondering, if I’m a seventeen year old who’s just about to begin college, what’s your best advice? Assuming I’ve been redpill for 6 months, and had a fair share of success with the fairer sex.


    • You are right, I’m talking about a diet plan, not a war strategy, good catch.

      If you are 17, having success with girls, and have already been exposed to redpill truth…good on ya’, you’re already ahead of 99% of guys your age.

      One thing I would caution about is to not get too cynical when it comes to females. I’ve seen it too many times when guys start reading about this stuff and they start to get mad at women because of hypergamy, solipsism, emotion over logic, etc…Those things (as my late friend Private Man used to say) are “features not bugs”. Just like when girls hate it when guys want to fuck every attractive girl they see or want to understand how sexual strategy works.

      Also, at your age and into your 20s, you should be focused on understanding what your strengths are, what you are most interested in, and how to leverage that into making lots of money. Thats what University is for, so don’t waste too much time chasing girls–you’ll get to a point in your late 20s when they will be working to get you if you play your cards right.

      • Thanks for the advice, man.

        And yeah, I’ve noticed this about you. Many PUAs I ended up seeing online were basically women haters with a set of rote learned moves. Your stuff seems way more genuine. And correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t look like you hate women, instead you enjoy them all. The uploaded pictures sometimes have 10s, 9s, sometimes lower, but that doesn’t seem to affect whether you photograph them. You’re teaching how to be a person who enjoys life with women, not just add another notch into the scoreboard.

        Also, the University thing is dead right. I’m seeing both guys and girls abandon great choices to be closer to a teenage infatuation. It’s like watching an explosion. It’s destruction, but I can’t pull my eyes away from it.

        While you may resent the thought of having a child, if you ever have a son, I’m sure that with the inputs he receives he’ll be a natural womanizer, not guys chasing one girl, in their teens, thinking of her as their soulmate.

        Awesome stuff man. Thanks again.

        P.S – What did you think of “The Game”, the Neil Strauss book? It was my eye-opener into red pill, but reading your blogs, I infer that while they’re largely similar, your views on pick-up differ quite a bit.

        • I’m all about living an authentic life. If you want to have fun, sleep with a bunch of girls, do your own thing without a relationship, do it…just be honest about your intentions and work on becoming attractive rather than trying to play any tricks or rely on memorized routines.

          The PUA stuff does work, and I would recommend using it if you are having extreme difficulty opening or talking to girls. Its good practice until you get comfortable and overcome fears. Once that happens, there is no reason to rely on it and you can work on improving yourself, becoming genuinely interesting, and being genuinely interested in the girls you talk to.

          “The Game” was also the first book I ever read about any seduction material. It was the first thing that came up when I googled “how to pick up girls”.

          Anyone with half a brain and a functioning dick is going to find that story incredibly interesting….a bunch of dorks learning some silly routines and finally being able to get laid all the time. That is fascinating. And Strauss is an excellent storyteller, so that book definitely had a big impact on me by opening my eyes as to what was possible.

          Good to hear from someone at 17 who sounds like they are headed in the right direction–gives me some hope for the future. Keep it up.

  4. as a MD I warn you that 10K u of Vit D/day will lead to toxicity. Last person who told me similar I replied, how many kidney stones have you had? ans. 5. Other problems check WebMD.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I don’t take that much every day, just on date-prep night, but I’ll keep that in mind.

      I had to call an ambulance for a neighbor of mine who was passing a kidney stone once and it was terrifying…something I hope I never have to go through.

  5. OT,

    Goldmund, I’m heading to Manhattan next week. Staying Monday-Thursday. What would be the best area to stay in so that I can game? What kind of venues are good during the weekdays?


    • Anywhere in the Lower East Side would be good during the week. The area near Ludlow and Stanton is always packed, especially on Summer nights. Tons of venues, my favorite thing to do is hang out on the street and talk to people to see where they are headed.

      Macdougal street near NYU is good for the younger crowd.

      And I’m not about to give away my best spots here;)

      You’ll have a blast. Make sure you check out what outdoor concerts are going on in Central Park and Prospect Park–they always bring a good crowd.

  6. Two things I now take every day: Olive leaf extract…looks like Brent Crude…tastes a little like Fernet without the alcohol…I have a shot of that every morning I get up.

    I also take 100mg of zinc as my only supplement.

    If I’m going out and need an additional boost I’ll make some Argentine Mate which immediately clears my head and gives me a natural energy boost.

    • Olive Leaf, hmm? Sounds like it might be good.

      I went on a Mate’ kick for a while…even have the official hollow gourd and straw to drink it.

      Now the gourd is used to hold my keys.

  7. Ha! Scrambled eggs with turmeric, cumin, and tons of other spices with salad is my go to meal too Goldy. I get stuck on autopilot and don’t want to think about what to make so bam! spiced eggs and arugula salad.

    If you like ashgawandha, have you tried Maca root yet? Stuff made me mean and dangerous like a bull.

  8. Have you gotten into Penis Enhancement? The supplements are a scam obviously. But physical training, exercises, stretching, pumping are popular with some people. Any perspective?

  9. Hi

    Do you find that the ashwaganda and Gingko make the coffee really bitter? Maybe it’s the batch I have, but it’s really horrible. I wonder if it’s just me or an acquired taste.

    • You mixing it with the coconut oil and using the right amount?

      On their own they are very bitter, and I only put 1/16th of a teaspoon of Gingko and 1/8th of Ashwaganda in.

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