Beautiful Girls at a Block Party in Brooklyn (photos)

Brooklyn tends to get a bad rap these days.

I get it–hipsters are annoying, the rent is ridiculously overpriced, and there is an elitist attitude that pulses through everything.

But its also a hell of a good time, there is a lot of good food, tons of quality entertainment, and loads of sexy girls who come here for excitement.

And no better place to experience all of the above than at one of the many Block Parties that happen in the warmer months.

I took my Camera with me, approached girls I thought looked interesting, and asked “Can I take your portrait?”

I think thats a tattoo of herself on her chest, same shape of the lips (click to zoom).

Nearly all of them said yes (2 out of the more than 30 I asked said No) and 80% of the ones I did get photos of wanted to chat and we exchanged information.

The Block Party was one of the best places to get pictures of people–they were out to be seen, most of the girls had put a lot of effort into their appearance, the vibe was very friendly, and there was no down time.

Because the energy was so high around me, I was able to tone it down and be more passive than usual while interacting with the girls–they were in such good spirits that they were doing the work for me and bombarding me with questions. The first duo I got photos of even said:

Oh my god, what a nice way to make friends!

I wandered for a while taking photos, ran into an old lover of mine who knew what I was up to, laughed about it, and continued on.

One of the great benefits of taking someones portrait is that it is an intimate act, like lighting their cigarette or sharing an inside joke. It immediately creates a connection between you and your subject and the memory not only burns into their mind, but it is stored as an image in your Camera.

My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse, and entertain

-Helmut Newton

Since I had taken pictures of so many girls, when I walked around the block a few times and saw them again, we would usually continue talking and catch up like old friends.

Two of the girls I ran into again offered me to share a little joint they lit up and when that one was finished, we sparked up another.

The weed hit me very, very hard and I had to go sit in a nearby park to stare into space for a while.

This is a stoned Tweet.

Then I decided to go back home for an hour, made myself a giant burger, drank a ton of water, and left my Camera behind before heading back out for the evening.

The Party was still going strong and I thankfully I found two of the more attractive girls I had gotten pictures of and asked them what they were doing.

We went to a bar for drinks, some more of their friends showed up and invited us to a party in one of the nearby lofts.

I picked up a bottle of Jack Daniels and we headed over.

This party was the image of hipster Brooklyn that you probably have in your head.

A smoke machine was going amongst laser lights, the DJ was playing a mix of krautrock and Joy Division (it was actually really good), and most people were on some kind of drug.

With the prices so high in Brooklyn, lack of real job opportunities, and ‘cool’ factor, the young people here are mostly coming from wealthy, private-school backgrounds, and most of them are trying to make it as some sort of creative artist.


The irony in that is that coming from an Über-privileged background usually results in art that is devoid of useful ideas and unrelatable to the human spirit.

I suspect most of them are trying to work out the demons that develop from never having any real struggles in life and are attempting to gain attention while drowning in the shadow of their parents money.

I also think its pretty funny that nearly every artist considers themselves subversive yet 99% pose absolutely no threat to any standing social/political norm.

It tends to make the guys in the scene insufferable. I usually get along with guys who play a masculine instruments and despise most of the visual artists (who are usually gay).

The girls can be very pretentious, but I do enjoy the company of a creative type more than anything else–they have the ability to open up more than usual and I can talk about the weird things I like to talk about without having them look at me like I’m an alien (most of the time).

At the party, I encountered another ex-lover of mine and ended up fooling around with her for a bit on a couch. The two sexy girls I had come with weren’t too happy about that at first but then I explained that we were only reliving old times for a moment and they warmed up again.

Around midnight, it was a full-on dance party. I grabbed a beach ball that was being kicked around and started bouncing it off of girls faces while sliding around the dance floor. When I got to one of my Camera girls (the one I liked the most), I took the beach ball, pressed it on the top of her head and danced with her while intensely staring in her eyes.

After teasing her by moving in close to her lips and backing away a few times, I finally squeezed against her and began kissing while we danced.

We went up to the roof for a cigarette and she dropped the “I’m not going home with you tonight” line on me and I responded with “that means you’re thinking about it” and she laughed a little.

A buddy of mine showed up at the party with his band and after they played a set, we got to catching up and did some shots.

When the buzz really hit, I hunted down the girl I wanted and after kissing her some more, tried to take her home, but she wasn’t having it.

It was getting late at this point, and after solidifying future plans with Camera girl, I decided to call it a night.

Overall it was another fun experience made possible by Camera Game.

I genuinely love capturing fun images of people and have merged a great hobby with another passion of mine–picking up girls.

My game stepped up dramatically after approaching with the Camera, because like the Newton quote above, in order to make the girls feel comfortable enough for a good portrait, you have to use all of the elements of seduction–practice enough and it becomes a part of you.

This idea gets broken down in great detail in my book An Introduction to Camera Game, I highly, highly suggest reading it if you are interested in stepping up to another level and want to have a blast while doing it.

Get Camera Game here.

“Camera Game Works”

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. You remind me a bit of Bukowski/Henry Miller. Try Raymond Chandler I bet you will enjoy him. The video interviews are mostly a snore, sorry.

    • I’ll check out Chandler, been recommended to read him a few times. And I love the film “The Big Sleep”. Thanks for the reminder.

      Writing is a lot more enjoyable for me than the videos because I can focus on exactly what I want people to pay attention to and expose the important moments–but people still keep demanding the videos! ha, at least with photographs there is a lot more control.

  2. I’ll take transcripts or writing over vids any day. I can read 2x as fast as I can watch a vid

  3. Girls take so many selfies that somebody taking their picture is like a selfie with the convenience of not having to hold the phone up.
    Let me guess. Camera girl is the performance artist pictured above?

    • What was funny is that every single girl that I took a pic of asked for an IG or Facebook page to find the photo on–its a part of everyones life right now like its no big deal.

      And you should have gotten on the email list to find out which one was Camera girl:)

  4. “We went up to the roof for a cigarette and she dropped the “I’m not going home with you tonight” line on me and I responded with “that means you’re thinking about it” and she laughed a little.”

    Try this nex time “We’ll see how you play your cards…”, but don’t grin like an idiot when you say it.

      • Acknowledges her sexual insterest in you, flips the script, puts her in chaser frame and you in prize/selector frame, with a wiff of ambiguity.

  5. beautiful photos, beautiful post — and i love that stoned tweet!

    keep it up my man, you are an inspiration to having the right vibe and mood with women.

    • Thanks! Weed, photography and Twitter pair well together. I’m glad the positive vibe comes across when I put this stuff out there.

      No need to bash on women because they think differently–its not a good way to go through life–people tend to hate what they don’t understand.

      Headed off to the Belmont Stakes today and can’t wait to have fun with all the pretty girls dressed up with fancy hats.

      And gamble a bunch of money.

      Enjoy this while we can!

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