What a Kambo Ceremony is Like

What a Kambo Ceremony is Like

Getting burns scarred into your arm by a witch, shaking, sweating, vomiting, shitting your brains out, convulsing, and getting to a point where all you can think is “what has my life come to, why did I do this?” Sound like a nice way to spend a birthday? I had been interested in doing a […]

Films Men Should See (Obscure)

Most of the films I’ve recommended before have been from major directors who are pretty well known. The ones below are hidden gems that brought a lot of value to me after viewing them. It is important to make sure that you curate what goes into your mind, there is so much bullshit and false-truth […]

10 Reasons Why New York City is the Best Place to Party in the World

After traveling around the world, criss-crossing the United States multiple times, living abroad, and experiencing the nightlife in every place I’ve been, I’m certain that New York City is the greatest place to party. Even better than Ibiza, which was rumored to be the best party spot in the world when I went through after touring through […]