An Interview with a Mexican Girl After we had Sex 5 Times in Dallas

The thrill of hooking up fast while on the road is something that will never get old. It’s akin to going on a successful hunt or winning a battle and I love it.

One of the best nights of my trip around the US was spent in Dallas, Texas. I came into town to meet up with a reader (Black Magiq) and do some coaching–and it led to another successful night.

We started the evening off at his place so I could wash the filth of travel off of me and get settled. As soon as I saw Mr. Black Magiq I knew good things were going to happen.

He was good looking, fit, dressed to kill, and carried himself with a collected vibe that oozed confidence–my ideal partner in crime.

We went up to his top floor apartment and he showed me around. It was a grand place, right in the middle of a neighborhood with a lot of bars, young professionals, and fun girls. He had just moved into the spot and there wasn’t any furniture yet. I put my stuff down in an empty room and was prepared to sleep on the floor. This was fine for me and a huge step up from camping in the swamps, deserts, forests, and Wal-Mart parking lots that I had spent many previous nights in. In Tuscon I spent one night sleeping the the dirt in a park after a girl wouldn’t let me in her place…so an empty room with a thick carpet was a little slice of heaven.


One of the spots that was slept in…there were ghosts.

The room also had a small balcony that opened up to a gorgeous view of downtown Dallas. As we looked out I told him that this view was going to be so key in getting girls to come back to his place. It really was special. I took a couple of photos of the view before getting in the shower and changing to my hunting clothes—a tight black button down, grey alpha khakis, lots of jewelry, and a hat.

We hit a rooftop bar across the street first to get acquainted over some beer. He was an ambitious young man, enjoying life, quickly moving up in his successful career, and wanting to make the most out of his years. Nice.

Our conversation revolved around the philosophical reasons to stay in the game, why to avoid getting trapped in relationships, and striving to be the best at whatever we set out to do. It was the perfect conversation to start a night—we headed out on the streets and hollered at a pair of cute girls who were walking by. My go-to line was used “what are you girls up to tonight?” and they told us about a turtle race that was happening at a bar up the block. The girls were a bit interested but not completely hooking, so we bid them farewell and headed up to watch turtles race each other to the edges of a large circle in the middle of an outdoor bar.

After screaming and cheering for the reptiles, we asked a girl what was going on, if she had ever seen anything like this before, and how come we were having so much fun watching the little animals run around stupidly. The girl was cute but her boyfriend was getting nervous from our banter and we decided it best to let that one go.

There was another bar that we went to just down the block, and while ordering a round of drinks, I noticed a pair of girls who were sitting together and playing Mario 3 on an old Nintendo console.

I rolled up next to the girls and when one of them killed Mario, I took the controller and played for a bit. We all took turns yelling at the screen and reliving some childhood fun.

One girl was a sexy blonde who looked at Black Magiq with lust in her eyes and the other was a petite cutie with a dark complexion.

Take away 1.5 points from this one.

Take away 1.5 points from this one.

After we played a game of Duck Hunt, I started chatting to the dark girl and asked what kind of blood was in her veins. When she told me that she was 100% Mexican, I was filled with energy and told her that Mexican girls are some of my favorite people in the world, I spent a good portion of last year in Mexico and love the culture.

This got her interested and she opened up some more and told me about her recent travels around the world, she was looking to ‘find herself’ and had spent the last few weeks on a trip alone trying to figure out her future.

I told her that a great way to think about the future is to ask the moon and she should come outside with me for a smoke, look at the moon, and see if there were any answers. This girl was very young, pretty naïve, and ate up my silly talk pretty well.

We went out and as she looked up at the moon, I put my arms around her waist from behind so that when she turned around it was easy to move forward for a kiss. It was a light kiss without any tongue, and when I pulled back she moaned that little moan that indicates a girl wants more.

I let her step back for a second and say “I don’t usually do this” and then laughed. So I put my finger on her neck, said “You have a healthy pulse, we have a lot in common” and she laughed more at my cheesy words.

I pulled her back in and the make out was intense this time. She felt great in my mouth and was one of those rare girls whose tongue felt like velvet and it was a pleasure to kiss her. I told her how Mexican girls were always full of life and felt her up. We were out there fooling around for a while before going back inside and finding Black Magiq and his girl posted up at the bar.

The blonde was tilted fully towards Black and I could sense from afar that she was really into him. We had both girls hooked and it was time to extract.

After some silly banter, we went outside together and as they talked about what other bars were in the neighborhood I said “Black just moved into an awesome new spot just up the block and it has an amazing view of downtown, lets go look”.

The girls agreed and we led them to the apartment, took them upstairs and Black led his blonde into his room while I took my Mexican girl into the empty den.

We looked out over the balcony and I felt her up completely this time. She went to use the bathroom and I put some towels on the floor where there was supposed to be a bed, took out some condoms, and took off my jeans.

She came back in and we looked over downtown Dallas while I kissed her neck and removed her clothes.

This girl was extremely sexual and knew how to move her body like a sensual minx, I was incredibly turned on by everything about her and when I slid in her wet pussy, we fit just right.

Since I hadn’t been with a 100% Mexican girl since my time in Mexico, I was extra turned on. I dug into the rug with my feet, knees and elbows so hard that severe rug burns developed on those extremities and the wounds lasted for weeks.

I didn’t care at the time, this girl had me so excited and our sex was real fire. She splashed in orgasm while I got in her hard from leveraging off the abrasive rug.

We ended up going through five condoms before I needed a rest and as we laid there I started asking her about when she decided she was going to fuck me, when she thought I was attractive, and what really turned her on.

She said something interesting about how she liked that I was so fun and adventurous and that gave me the idea to do an interview with her. She reluctantly agreed but made me promise not to show her face and she put her clothes back on.

And this is the interview that follows. There aren’t any great revelations in it, and I sound like I am completely retarded (that’s what 5 orgasms will do to you), but it is interesting nonetheless and an open window into a seduced young girls mind.

After the interview, her clothes came off again and we fucked two more times. That’s more than the usual for me but like I said, sometimes the attraction and chemistry is just there and it allows me to go all night.

She left after she had her last orgasm, didn’t give me her number or remind me of her name, and slipped out of the apartment silently.

About 10 minutes after she was gone, the blonde opened up my door and asked my naked body that was lying on the floor where her friend was. I told her that she had just left and the blonde said “that fucking bitch” and took off.

In the morning, me and Black didn’t have too many words, just some big smiles and strong pounds as we nodded to one another and said our goodbyes.

*A friendly reminder that I am back in NYC for the next couple of months and am available for coaching. Let me know if you want to try it out, I can guarantee that we will meet girls, and it is very likely that it will be a success.

Black Magiq left this comment on my blog a few weeks ago (original comment at the bottom of this article) and its always interesting to hear the side of the wingmans story:

Recently went out with Goldmund. I wanted to write this so you guys know he’s the real deal. Emails from dudes that he posts probably won’t have the same effect as coming from a regular reader.

I was supposed to meet Goldmund in Austin but dude came to Dallas. We meet up in the lobby and went to get a drink. We chopped it up about game a little, what got us in the game and why we keep at it.

We saw some fucking turtle race and almost stole some guys girl right off his arm. She may have been Pakistani but she was born in the UK and her accent would have sounded so amazing coming out of her mouth had she gotten fucked. Ughh!

Long story short, we meet two broads at a bar that was hosting an old school game night. We walk up and just start playing Mario with them. I’m getting my ass toasted in the game by giant ass mushrooms and random ass fireballs. I look up and Goldmund has isolated her Mexican friend. I say a small prayer thanking the lord haha and start working on her friend. A pretty cute blond broad. I start kicking her ass in Mario cart, teasing her a little bit while my hands on her knee. She turns towards me with her legs (boom I’m golden). She keeps asking if her friend is ok. I reassure her that she is and continue to talk to her and escalate.

We start moving toward the exit and meet up with Goldmund and her friend. And goldmund spits the gotdamn best line of the night “this guy has a great view at his place, let’s go check it out’.. long story short, I bring her up the the room, show her the view. The panties drop and I start banging her on the balcony and realize that my room door isnt even closed. But by then I’m like fuck it haha. Anyway, I bust all over her brown nipples and blonde hair. I wake up the next day and she’s gone. I don’t even remember this broads name haha..good times..

Anyway Goldmund is a chill ass dude. I highly recommend hanging out with him regardless of whether you’re trying to game or not. But good pussy will always be good pussy haha

Here is a picture of the balcony the next morning…see if you can spot the two used rubbers…I don’t know where the other 5 landed:)

condoms on the balcony



About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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  1. She kind of had an attitude though. I know Latinas are known for their fire but it’s like her slut defenses were up. She didn’t want to admit that she liked the danger, she got seduced, she fucked on the same night and she liked it. Like just admit it and move on haha

    • Yeah, she was definitely being bratty during the interview. She was only 21, super immature, like a little kid.

      When they get like that I spend most of my time making fun and laughing at them…or else it gets unbearable.

      Funny when there is not much of an emotional connection, but the physical is still so good.

  2. LMFAO@ “that fucking bitch” and goldmund regarding the few words that last night: what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained…great night buddy

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