Alt-Right, Redpill, PUA Art Showing in New York City Right Now

Event 1: #DaddyWillSaveUs Art Show/Performance


Tonight I’m attending an art-show/party that will be featuring gay pro-Trump artwork, a ‘Twinks for Trump’ photo series, performances by Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, and Martin Shkreli, and a hell of a lot more offensive work.


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The show was supposed to be held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn–birthplace of the hipster movement, where the spoiled transplant population is overwhelmingly progressive, sickeningly self-righteous, and are the biggest cultural sheep on the planet.

The original Williamsburg gallery got intimidated by a number of NYC ‘artists’ who demanded that the event be shut down because they didn’t like what it was showing and whined about it.

Fucking Pussies.

It has been moved to another space in Manhattan that I’ll be going to, I plan on documenting a lot of it with my camera and reporting back about it next week.

Its been rumored that Milo will bathe in a bathtub of pigs blood.

I’ve made it known before that I don’t support Trump, Clinton, or anyone else who would run for president.

What I do support fully is the right for free speech, expression, and criticism for all.


I’ll be speaking my mind in a documentary about free speech. Coming soon.

What is happening to Trump and his supporters by the media and the left is disgusting and I truly hope he ends up in the White House. Not because of who he is or what his politics are, but because he represents freedom of speech by his actions.

*Plus he has great game, he obviously enjoys the company of beautiful women and makes them feel good, but he also knows that they shouldn’t be taken too seriously…he just got caught on tape saying “You gotta grab them by the pussy.” Thats fucking funny.*

Our culture desperately needs to start swinging in the direction away from the Politically Correct attitudes that have infested the mainstream. Trump will help that happen, even if he never addresses it, his personality will affect the way many Americans think.

The same goes with The Cunt Hillary and her man-hating bile.

It blows my mind that I would ever consider supporting anything conservative or right-wing.

While growing up in the 1990s, my friends and the people I surrounded myself with lived for freedom of expression. We formed punk rock bands, created zines, talked shit about everything, and questioned everyone while our beliefs formed and we figured out who we were.


Nothing enrages me more than someone trying to tell me what to think. You can present the facts, give examples, share your experiences, and I’ll decide for myself if it fits my version of the truth or not.

The ones who are on the good side of the fight are part of the right, or ‘alt-right’ if you insist, and since they are fighting–even if the tactics are dirty–they will have my support.

Event 2: “The Redpill” Documentary directed by Cassie Jaye and produced by Mike Cernovich


On Sunday, October 9th, I’m going to attend a screening of ‘The Redpill and stay for the question and answer session with Cassie Jaye that will follow.

A review of the film will be posted.

I’m no supporter of the MGTOW movement, but to me, its obvious we are living in a society that caters heavily to the feminine. No where is it more apparent than in the modern dating culture where most men must absolutely learn game unless they want to resort to scraps.

The women just prance around saying and doing whatever they please while being used to the males kissing their asses.

Most educated girls in large cities consider themselves feminists nowadays, even if they want to be dominated and led by a strong man, and I’ve given up trying to argue with them.

*Instead of arguing when they say something about feminism, I respond with “Oh yeah, well I’m really into positive masculinity” and then talk about self-improvement until she gets bored and we change the subject. I highly recommend doing this because no girl wants to sound like a hypocrite by refuting your stance on embracing masculinity and making the best of it, and you get to avoid and argument that would only lead to a dried up pussy.*

I’m certain this film is going to provide some great talking points and shed some light on the crisis that is going on with our male population.

Event 3: The Game: The Game by Angela Washko


I learned about this while I was out a few weeks ago and talking to some girls about the dating scene in NYC.

The girls were cool so I told them about how I did some writing about seduction and coached guys through the nightlife scene. This got us talking about Game and one of them mentioned that she had recently gone to an exhibition in Brooklyn that was based on pick-up artists and featured Roosh (we had an argument when I told them that I supported what Roosh was doing, I was then labeled a ‘pro-rape’ supporter. No bang.).

The next day I biked over to Williamsburg and checked out the exhibition.


Its a video game where you play the character of a young, sensitive, nervous girl who goes out alone at night and is hit on by a PUA. You choose responses to what the guy says to you and can either go with his routines or shut him down.


It was disappointing because the only PUA that was featured was Julian from Real Social Dynamics. I cannot stand the game that RSD teaches and I’ve had a few clients come to me after they had taken one of their bootcamps and the things they were taught were all backwards, superficial, phony, and would work on only the dumbest, most immature sluts out there.

julianscumbagThe exhibition did do a good job of putting you in the shoes of an inexperienced girl who feels anxiety while out in a nightclub environment–the music captured the tension perfectly. It also reflected accurately just how fake and contrived RSD game is. Even the sex lacked any real connection or pleasure.

Check out Washko’s website and some samples of her project here.

Its been an interesting time for art and truth lately.

I’ve always been on a search for truth–its what led me to learn game, and game led me to more truth.

Sometimes truth is found in the most unlikely of places.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

3 comments on “Alt-Right, Redpill, PUA Art Showing in New York City Right Now

  1. What was it that RSD was teaching? I’ve only seen a few videos on youtube sparingly and it seemed to vaguely revolve around getting into state and maintaining high energy while approaching. It isn’t the most useful advice but not terrible either.

    • Its clown stuff.

      The vibe is for little boys, not men. There isn’t any connection being built, just some silly tricks, its no wonder girls feel terrible after the sex (like the one in Washko’s game).

      RSD is like the McDonalds of game–sounds good and is cheap, but is terrible for you in the long run.

      No wonder so many guys flock to it.

  2. I have a revulsion to RSD too. I like James Marshall (Australian) and Nicolas Dolteau (a rather good French seduction coach). I’m glad I’m not the only one who got that feeling. Even though I’m not even in the game… yet. I still sensed it. And I’m glad to find that it’s not the only way.

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