Alt-Right Nationalists Vs. Antifa Battle in Washington (photo story)

Last weekend I decided to travel down to Washington D.C. for a quick getaway.

Its cheap to get to the capital from New York, 20$ via the Chinatown bus, and Airbnb is popular in the city, so I booked a room on U-street and headed down with no expectations.

I did want to experience the nightlife, D.C. has a notorious reputation for being terrible for men, I also wanted to check out the cherry blossom festival going down that weekend, and see some of the monuments.

I had been in touch with Jack Murphy from and we had plans to meet up and chat over drinks.

Things were going calm and smooth on the bus down, and then I saw a Tweet from Mike Cernovich that pinged me hard.

I don’t care much for the politics of extremists, but I sure as hell believe people have the right to say and think whatever they want, even if its complete nonsense.

The alt-right guys were assembling in front of the White House to announce their disapproval of the bombing in Syria that had happened the night before.

Its unclear what else they actually want: Total white supremacy? An ethno-state? Genocide? Attention from daddy?

If anyone can clarify, I’d appreciate it, because it is very confusing.

It says a lot about the climate of a culture when viewpoints swing so far to one side that people with such unreasonable voices rise up and gain a following.

So when the far left ‘Anitfa’ announced they were going to counter protest the alt-right group, I knew it was going to be a showdown that couldn’t be missed.

Jack’s history with the leader of the alt-right rally was that they had come close to exchanging blows in a bar a few months prior, but were broken up before violence erupted.

This was going to be fun.

I arrived, and after a few minutes of chatting with Jack, Richard Spencer arrived with his crew.

They were screaming about the bombing, yelling at an empty White House, blaming Jews, and had the proud look of children who get attention for being obnoxious.

The first person to oppose them was a fat black guy who kept sticking his camera in their faces while babbling on about Nazis.

Jack was capturing it all on Periscope and had over 20k live viewers–enough to fill up Madison Square Garden.

You can watch the full Periscope of the event on his article about it here.

The self-righteousness of the alt-right guys was palpable, they loved the fact that they were stunting in the name of opposing ‘war’.

It was tame for the first few minutes, Spencer actually came across as well-spoken, handsome, and charismatic.

Then, like a group of Wildlings, the Anitfa came storming from the trees to confront Spencer.

The emotional wreck with the red bandana covering his face immediately ran up to one of the alt-right guys, took his sign out of his hands, and started ripping it up into shreds while screaming.

After he littered the shreds all over the ground, a quick clash broke out and the two groups almost started throwing punches, but held back until the police arrived.

These guys really didn’t like one another, it was a bit confusing because they got their costumes mixed up, but the Oaf in red was with the antifa, and the masked one was alt-right.


I couldn’t believe how insignificant the police presence was.

Whenever a protest is planned in New York, they come out by the hundreds to keep the peace, and ride horses for crowd control.

**At the tame Roosh V protest last year, there were cops everywhere.**

Here, there was just a tiny handful of Park Police who looked like they were terrified.

From then on, it descended into a screaming match between the two groups.

When I was a kid, we formed factions at school and went to battle on another on the playground.

There was never a real reason for fighting, we just didn’t like one another.

We were 8 years old.

Then there was this asshole, who would play an important role throughout the evening.

He would blow that damn Vuvuzela every time the alt-right guys started talking.

It was the perfect representation of what the far left stands for.

They don’t want to hear an opinion that differs so much from their own.

So just try and drown out the opposition with White Noise.

Reinforcements finally arrived, they shut down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House, and sniper made himself visible on the roof.

There he is crouching, looking through his scope.

Another clash bursted out, I got pushed around and got out of the mix before my camera got damaged, and the cops started to usher Spencer down the block.

Antifa followed them, the guy with the Vuzuvela led the way by bike, and they continued to harass Spencer.

Richard tried to get in a cab, but guys in masks invaded the car and forced him out.

He was escorted through traffic by one of his young followers.

When he reached the other side of the street, he started sprinting as fast as he could go through Ellipse Park that leads to the Washington Monument.

I followed the antifa who were following the sounds of the Vuvuzela while screaming “Come on Comrades! This way Comrades!!” and passing by tourists who were pushing strollers with small children in them.

Everyone got dispersed in the Park and the action stopped.

That was that.

We reconvened at a bar for drinks and to recap the situation.

Lucian Wintrich was there, I had interviewed him last at the Daddy Will Save Us art showand we all shared our opinions on what the hell was going on in the world.

I went out with some other guys who were nice enough to give me a tour, got drunk, roamed around Trump Hotel and other places, had a great time getting rejected by girls, and it was hard for me to fully enjoy the rest of my trip because witnessing the Battle exposed the worst of Americans.

Keep your head on straight.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

4 comments on “Alt-Right Nationalists Vs. Antifa Battle in Washington (photo story)

  1. “I don’t know what they want but I know they’re unreasonable”

    The racism acceptable among the alt-right is triggering your progressive conditioning, so you can say nonsensical things like that with a straight face.

    Anyway, the alt-right is an amorphous reactionary movement to the continued march of progressives against reality and common sense and the complete failure of mainstream conservatives to do anything other than act as controlled opposition, defending the (also insane) positions held by the left just a few years earlier as “true conservatism”.

    The alt-right is not a philosophy, it’s not an organization and its members agree on very little with each other apart from hating liberalism and thinking conservatives are ideological (and sometimes literal) cuckolds who need to go.

    If it doesn’t clear things up, it’s because there’s nothing to clear up right now. Order only arises after the chaos has run its course. Eventually we will see new political factions arise from it.

  2. Alt right is difficult to pin down because it isnt a movement, an organisation or a coherent ideology.

    Alt right is a strategy.

    Its a strategy of decentralised and non-hierarchical culture jamming and trolling that has emerged after the collapse of the mainstream right. The idea is simple. The left has evolved as a creature that specialises in decapitation and subversion. It can do this because it control the terms of respectability. Hierarchies and organisations that go up against the left are either decapitated and disrupted through isolation and marginalisation of their leaders, or subverted through forcing those organisations to adhere to standards of behaviour and social mores set by the left. Thus they become ineffective or controlled opposition over time.

    Those parts of the right that survived, survived because they did not adhere to the leftwing terms of respectable behavior. They did not care if you thought they were racist, sexist whatever. They did not have any real orgs to subvert either. Thus, alt right be disrupted easily. Alt right is cellular..if one node or personality is taken out, others will take its place. If evicted from one forum, they immediately set up shop elsewhere. If Richard Spencer vanished tommorrow it would make little difference.

    Its insurgency strategy, applied to culture.

    Lacking the ability to make a difference politically, those using the strategy attack the culture through memes, outrage, trolling and cultural subversion with an aim to discredit their enemies information, broaden the overton window and alter the culture in ways that would become more welcoming to their ideals.

  3. The alt-right see themselves as the truth-speaking heretics in an era of progressive, quasi-religious dogma. That’s where their self righteousness comes from. All of the pieties that inform our society, the taboos of our modern day, they consider to be based on lies and wishful thinking. The idea that women and men are exactly the same, and that anyone who challenges this is a “misogynist” who “hates women”, as an example. They also extend this line of thinking out to the issue of race, and most of them believe that race is not just “skin color”, but a biological reality that resulted from divergent, geographically separate evolution. They deny the existence of racial equality and insist that the races differ in their average capacities for intelligence, empathy, criminality, etc. They consider the progressive left’s driving animus to be “anti-white hatred” and blame radical Jewish intellectuals of the 60s and 70s for seeding of all of these ideas that are now common place, into academia. Their informing book and the basis for their hatred of Jews is a book called “The Culture of Critique” by Kevin McDonald, wherein he looks at the behavior of Jews from an evolutionary perspective and analyzes the Jewish roots in the radical leftist intellectual movements that have now become the mainstream ideological consensus in the Western world.

    Their feverish sense of extremity results from the fact that they really are heretical to our modern sense of morality, which is intrinstically linked to the idea of “anti-racism and anti-sexism” as an inherent moral good. They’re a shrill “Fuck You!” to the liberal shamers and bullies that seek to ostracize anyone who challenges their ideological line, while simultaneously claiming to be “tolerant”, and “empathetic”. One can only hope that some sort of reasonable middle ground can be found between their position and that of the liberal consensus. Strangely enough many of them came to their views through the Manosphere, Chateau Heartiste probably being the most well known guy. Interesting times indeed.

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