Allowing Nature to Build Your Presence

I’ve lived in New York City for over a dozen years and in order to survive the constant assault on my senses, I have to take regular trips out of the sprawl.


A few hours North of NYC

Couple the city life with a job that is competitive, demanding, and requires high amounts of focus, and what ends up happening is that you can lose you natural curiosity that is vital for healthy balance.

That natural curiosity is needed if you want to access your inner child and renew a sense of wonder about life. Its also key if you want to really relate to women–who are a lot like children in the sense that they are usually caught up in the moment, impulsive, and carefree (the young/fun ones at least).

By design, my work takes me away often, I have enough free time to arrange plenty of trips, and transportation out of the city is easy.

M Bryce Canyon

Even if you don’t live in an Urban area, regular trips out in Nature are going to have a most positive effect on your mind.

No other place in the world is going to fill you up with appreciation for life, sharpen your awareness, plug you directly into the moment, and leave you truly refreshed.

The more untouched, extreme, and raw, the better.

McWay Big Sur

I’ve written before about the incredible National Parks system in the United States and how those special places helped transform my life, but each time I go, I notice that most visitors just stay on the trails, follow the crowds to the most popular vistas, and drive along the main roads.

Fuck that.

In every park you can wander off the trails, find your own spot alone, and enjoy the surroundings in full glory–those are the times I usually get naked.


There is a power you gain from being alone and surrounded by natural beauty–it gives you a sense of gratitude, and puts your ego in check.

If God is your buddy, here is as good a place as ever to say thanks for putting the physical world into motion.

One of the major things that sets us apart from the animals is the ability to recognize beauty and give praise to the invisible–it elevates your mind to a higher plane and causes your eyes to become penetrating and more attractive–things you can use to create a stronger connection with others once you head back to town.

If you do it exactly right, a little smirk will be chiseled on your face for a while, a result of knowing secrets that have been kept from others.

nest2-bmpWhen you get back to civilization, not only will your physical appearance be heightened–your attitude will be relaxed, brimming with energy, confident, and wanting to share what you experienced.

And share it in a way that doesn’t make listening to you sound like a vampire, but you should relate just enough to inspire the other person to go out and take part in the worship.

A few weeks ago I was traveling through the Canadian mountains on a search for moose. We didn’t come across one, but on that search we did see some of the finest scenery in Quebec.

That night, in Burlington, Vermont, my major topic of conversation with the sexy college girls that inhabit the town was where to find moose.

It led to animated discussions about our favorite things in life, bucket list items, and dreams about the future–perfect for building an immediate connection that made us feel like old friends.

And I ended up spending the night with a voracious 19 year old girl that still is sending me sexy pictures.


Not Ms. Burlington, I just love pictures of girls out in the wild.

Speaking of using Nature as fuel to have the night of your life, while down in Mexico with Christian McQueen hosting a seminar and going out to party, we will be taking day trips out in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to SCUBA and snorkel.

found nemo motherfuckers

Watching animal life under the sea is akin to flying around like an astronaut visiting another planet and is one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Giant clam pussy

Its impossible to describe the weirdness that lives among the corals.


There is just one ticket left to the Summit, which will be one of a kind and I promise to make that motherfucker a historic event.

Read more about it here and get your ticket here.

All photos are my own and were taken with a Canon Rebel.

If you are interested in the incredible art of photography be sure to check out An Introduction to Camera Game.

And to read more about how I use Nature and Art as sources of positive energy, read Go Forth.

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Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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