A Man in Demand Seminar/Popping Bottles/Getting Laid in Vegas

Myself, McQueen, Rollo, and Tanner

Myself, McQueen, Rollo, and Tanner

The 1st A Man in Demand Seminar was held in Vegas this past weekend and I was honored to be a part of it. I was the opening speaker for three other men who I have a lot of respect for and have learned a tremendous amount from in the past few years.

Christian McQueen put the entire seminar together, we had talked about making something like this happen back in February when I was visiting Hollywood, and we both decided that it would be a perfect first lineup with myself, McQueen, Tanner Guzy, and Rollo Tomassi. Christian got in contact with the other guys who were excited to be on board and things fell into motion pretty quickly.

My theme would revolve around what most of my writing is about, “Finding Adventure in the Modern World” and I would also speak about game, relationships, camera game, and tactics.

I flew into Vegas on Thursday night, hit up some late night bars downtown, and went to bed at 4am. Friday was spent milling around in coffee shops downtown, making some final touches on the speech, and flirting with cute baristas behind the counter. That night I met up with Invicutus, a buddy of mine from the forum who let me crash at his place during my trip around the country, and we caught up together and hit on girls for a while before calling it an early night.

Saturday morning came, I woke up at 5am and packed up my backpack and weekender bag with paperback copies of my books and hoofed it the two miles to the convention center.

During my breakfast at Dennys, I heard someone come up behind me and say “Hey Goldmund, is that you?” An attendee had recognized me and asked if I could use some company. I was studying my notes for the speech I had to deliver in 1.5 hours so I politely declined the company and dug back into the notes.

With a belly full of cheap eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and three cups of coffee, I walked to the impressive convention center and buzzed myself in. The hostess came down to greet me and took me upstairs to the room we would be presenting in.

Panels with the AMIDS logo lined the hallways and led to a simple room with a big screen and rows of chairs.


Tanner came in with his wife shortly thereafter and we caught up, talked about how surreal everything was and discussed how we got involved writing in this part of the internet. It was really great to meet Tanner, we had worked together in the past—he remembered me from my first consultation with him years ago—and we got along great. We grew up with strikingly similar backgrounds and we laughed about how different our lives turned out, yet we could still connect on a deep level and understand where one another was coming from.

*Check out Tanners family-friendly youtube video about the trip here.

Ten minutes later McQueen showed up in a suit and signature pocket square and as we hugged our hellos he laughed at me when he smelled the vapors of Vodka that were still on my breath from the night before. “I didn’t even have that much…maybe 5 drinks…that’s nothing man”.

At 8:40 some attendees started showing up and filtered into the room. We started exactly at 9, with most of the crowd showing up early.

And it was a quality crowd. The guys varied from young, fit, casually dressed dudes with good vibes to older, distinguished gentlemen in their 50s. There were a lot of suits being worn, and the group all looked like intelligent men who were hungry to learn. My favorite part of the clan were the father/son pairs that showed up together for some bonding–those are some cool dads.

Rollo showed up looking like a proper godfather and we caught up over some laughs and smiles. With everyone there and the room filling up fast, we were all ready to start.

McQueen introduced me exactly at 9oclock and at first I was all nerves. I have had a lot of experience public speaking but used to suffer from extreme anxiety that would shut me down completely in front of crowds. I had to take classes specifically for the phobia of public speaking in my early 20s to get over the fear, but it still creeps up on me sometimes. This was no exception, and at first I was fighting to keep my composure. Public speaking is a much different animal than dealing with small groups or one-on-one conversations–places that I excel.

For the first 5 minutes, I fought the nerves back, concentrated on the message of my speech and tried to deliver it as best I could. After those first few minutes, I finally got calmed down enough to feel like myself and it was smooth sailing from there.

My main topic was how leading a life of adventure makes you grow as a man by exposing you to new ways of thinking, improving your problem solving skills, making you more interesting, and leading to exciting relationships with women.

I then showed an interview that I had conducted with my ex-girlfriend of two years. She is a beautiful and charming model from Paris and her cunning and coyness came through during the interview as she spoke about how much of our relationship revolved around having adventures together. Whether it was something as big as taking a month long roadtrip through California or something little like having a dinner in a new neighborhood.

I also spoke about how having a risk-taking adventurous personality has been key in my success with women, whether it be a long term relationship, a short fling, or just a One Night Stand—adventure and excitement are a key part of my game and charm.

Next I talked about how I got into learning game, how much of a life-changer it was for me, what it was like to wield the power and sleep with 75 girls in one year, how it led to an incredibly healthy relationship, and how it also led to bigger things in life: ayahuasca, promotions at work, inspiration to create new art, a successful venture into blogging and authoring books, and giving me the energy to accomplish any goal I put my mind to. All of these stemming from the confidence that comes from knowing you can sleep and get involved with girls that you truly desire.

I finished up the segment by talking about screening girls, Camera Game, and not wasting any time during our short existence on Earth.

My segment was about 45 minutes long and then I fielded questions from the audience for about 30 minutes. Most of the questions were about ayahuasca and how that changed my life and other questions revolved around game tactics, mindset while traveling, how my game changed with experience, and the turning points in my dealings with girls.

I thanked the crowd and was met with a healthy round of applause before going over to a table where my books were on display. During the 20 minute break I met a lot of the crowd, signed books, and absorbed the good energy that was coming from everyone. It made me feel like a goddamn rockstar.

Next up was Tanner who captured the attention of everyone in the room with a brilliant presentation about how your own personal style is a form of storytelling. It was a captivating and interactive talk that incorporated the four masculine virtues from The Way of Men by Jack Donovan.

Guzy was an incredible speaker and had the presentation to match. I’m sure everyone in the room had many takeaways from his talk and was inspired to take their style game up a notch.

During lunch Sam Botta showed up with some professional sound recording equipment and was prepared to record Christian and Rollo’s talks.

McQueen was on after lunch and I’m pretty sure he floored everyone with the nature of his talk. It began in a somber tone about the hardships in life that many men face and how the stresses of this world often bring them to the brink of insanity. He emphasized the problems we face, the ungodly suicide rates, and the dangers of having a backwards view of women are.

Then he turned the tides and got into his infamous motivational speech mode and had the room crackling with energy and determination to become a Man in Demand. It was a powerful moment when everyone rose and made a promise to stand together for the good fight and support one another.

He fielded questions for about an hour after that and spoke on topics that ranged from style, to business, to politics and more.

And then the godfather took the stage. Rollo broke down his complex theories into easily digestible parts and even included a chart of women’s menstrual cycles and how they play a major part in choosing sexual partners and their desire.

It was nothing less than brilliant and my favorite line was when he summed things up pretty well and said “women don’t want to fuck other women, women want to fuck men”. Heh…it doesn’t get much more truthful than that.

At the end we fielded some questions, received some constructive criticism, and said our thanks.

After, we all headed out to a fine dinner with four of the attendees and had an incredible redpill conversation around the dinner table. It truly was great to spend some time with guys who were on the same wavelength and could talk about real issues that matter in a mature way. Everyone agreed that that dinner was really something special.

After dinner, me and McQueen bid farewall to the attendees and married guys and went back to our hotels to rest up a bit, clean up, and prepare for a night of debauchery.

He swung by around 11pm to pick me up and take me to one of the biggest hotels in Vegas. We met up with some cool European dudes, slipped past the velvet rope into club XS and were ushered to a table right behind the DJ booth.

Then we started getting wild.

I’m not a fan of big clubs, bottle service, or loud music, but the spot we had was perfect. It was on the outdoor patio, overlooking the pool and right by the backstage entrance. Girls were lining up to get backstage and I would go up to them, start dancing, and smack them on the head, ass and tits with those foam logs that light up. Me and McQueen were telling all the girls that we were brothers and were constantly in competition with one another over who was better looking. It was a riot.

A few times I left the table to go grab some girls from inside the club and bring them out. My go-to line that night was “are you American?” if they said yes, I told them there were some European guys at our table who wanted to meet some American girls…and if they said no, I told them “good, I don’t really like American girls, now come talk to me”.

I found two girls, one was a sexy blonde in a red dress, the other was her kind of boring friend–they were both American–and brought them over to the table.

The girl in red was responding well to my flirtation, she ended up being really cool with a lot of similar interests, and I got the sexual vibe from her rather quickly. I told her to come inside with me and explore a little bit. I led her by the hand back inside the club, found an isolated corner, pushed her against the wall and started making out with her. We did this a few times before she said that she had to go visit her friends birthday at another table.

"Hey babe, you kinda look like Cameron Diaz"

“Hey babe, you kinda look like Cameron Diaz”

"Thats right, just give me a little kiss"

“Thats right, just give me a little kiss”

You know a girl is into you when the hand touches the face and she pulls you in.

You know a girl is into you when the hand touches the face and she pulls you in.

"Don't leave without me tonight" heh...cheeky grin develops.

“Don’t leave without me tonight” heh…cheeky grin develops.

I ran around like a maniac with McQueen a little more and then we got separated. It was nearing 4am and I was starting to crash…I texted the red dress girl who said that she was dancing with some coworkers at their table and I told her I was going to leave soon.

As I did this, three sexy latinas walked by and I hollered at them “hey, are you American?!” and they said they were from Mexico.

This got me forgetting about the red dress and full focus was on some of my favorite types of girls in the world. They said that they were leaving to go get some food and I told them I was pretty hungry–they invited me to come along.

We went to some cheesy, overpriced breakfast spot and ordered ham, eggs, waffles, pancakes, and tons of bacon. During the feast I got a text from the girl in the red dress saying “Please don’t leave without me, where are you?” The Mexican girls were fun but they were eating so much that it didn’t look like they would be horny afterwards so I dropped 20$ on the table, said goodbye and went outside.

I had red dress come meet me on the street and when she asked where I was staying I told her “the finest hotel in all of Vegas”. We walked up the strip a bit, hailed a cab, got in the backseat and devoured eachother.

When we pulled up to my shitty Super8 motel, she started laughing and called me a liar. I told her thats alright, I’m still a really good fuck and had my hands up her dress as she walked up the stairs in front of me.

We entered my smelly room, she took a shower and while she was in there I almost fell asleep.

She told me she had something to wake me up and she slipped off my pants and gave me a sloppy blonde blowjob that looked great.

I slipped on a NYC condom and pounded away–most of the time thinking about Cameron Diaz.

It was my first time getting laid in Vegas and it capped off a truly fine weekend.

The crowd couldn’t have been better, the seminar went very smoothly, and all of the guys I met on Saturday were extremely inspiring.

I’m looking forward to the next event, I’m going to tighten up my speech a lot more and use some of the feedback that the crowd gave me to really make it something to be proud of.

Thanks to all who came out and making all this internet work into something real.

About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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