10 Reasons Why New York City is the Best Place to Party in the World

After traveling around the world, criss-crossing the United States multiple times, living abroad, and experiencing the nightlife in every place I’ve been, I’m certain that New York City is the greatest place to party.

Even better than Ibiza, which was rumored to be the best party spot in the world when I went through after touring through Europe in 2002.

I just returned from another wild trip to Miami and had a blast, but upon returning home I was reminded just how much more fun New York is.

These are based on my preference for authenticity and genuine experiences–by all means, if you want to get naked at a foam party that descends in to a drug fueled orgy, head over to Ibiza and spend a few days in lala land.

So I’m happy to present the main reasons I love to party in New York so much.

In no particular order–each ingredient combines and compliments one another to make an unstoppable whole–just like the city itself.

1.The Amount of Options You Have Any Time of the Week

A club filled with models on a Monday? Sure.

Tuesday jazz at an underground speakeasy in Chinatown? Ok.

Feel like skipping work and getting drunk with a good crowd on Wednesday at 10am? I’ve done it.

A burlesque rock show with a girl swinging from ribbons on a Thursday? I’ve got the video below…

On Friday and Saturday, you don’t even have to go into a club for a great time–just hit the streets and subway like I do and see what happens.

And don’t get me started on Sunday’s–by far my favorite day of the week to go out.

*During the Playboy Summit, I’m planning on a bonus Sunday session for this reason*

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2. The Ratio of Men to Women in the City

Every time I talk to a girl about her dating life in New York (and I do this often), she complains about the lack of available men.

There is an abundance of single women here, the amount of gay guys is staggering, and if you act like a man and not a little hipster bitch, you have put yourself in the top tier of desirable guys.

All you have to do is step up and say hello.

3. How Easy it is to Take a Girl Home

Its part of the culture here.

Sex in the City, Friends, Seinfeld, Girls–all of those TV shows have portrayed going home with a stranger not only as a normal part of life, but as a rite of passage.

Cockblocking is at a minimum, I’ve had girls friends actively push her to get in a cab with me before–its not an uncommon thing to end up in a strangers bed in another part of town.

**In the below video are two girls I interviewed about dating in NYC, and ended up having a threesome with. Read about that hereFor months after that episode I kept running into both of them around the neighborhood and they played it off like everything was as normal as could be.**

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4. The Amount of Foreign Girls

Oh lord, this might be my favorite part of the list.

Foreign girls flock here in hordes and new ones arrive every day. Whatever your preference is you can find them, and as a bonus, there are usually particular neighborhoods and venues where they are concentrated.

I get along with and have the best sex with French, Italian, and Spanish girls–as a result, I’ve tracked down the spots where they hang out, and always have luck finding them.

5. The Amount of Tourist Girls

Everyone knows that girls traveling to a new city don’t mind taking some new dick. They are just like us guys when it comes to keeping track of notches and travel sex.

And tourist girls are everywhere.

From the daygame paradise of Washington Square Park to any large beirgarten in North Brooklyn, a majority of the people are not going to be locals.

Instead, they will be visitors to New York City, willing to go with someone on a new adventure.

Be that adventure.

6. The Late Last Call and Afterparties

Last call is supposed to be at 4 A.M., but many places ignore that rule. My favorite is when I’m chummy with the bartender and everyone else has to go home while we stay inside, smoke cigarettes, and hang out until the sun comes up.

Its easy to find an afterparty if you need to, and sometimes you can just invite yourself by being charming on the street.

And god bless you if you can stay up to 8 A.M. and hit the early bars that open then.

7. How Easy it is to Get Around

This is why the city is the way it is.

10 million people and you can get just about anywhere in under 30 minutes.

Cabs are cheap, the subway runs 24 hours, and a jaunt from Brooklyn to Manhattan is as easy as can be.

And the subway happens to be my favorite place in the world to meet girls. I’ve had the highest meet to date/sex ratio in my life by approaching girls on the subway and making them feel like their life has turned into a romantic comedy.

I’m dead serious about the trains–hands down they are best place to meet ladies.

8. How Interesting the People Are

Everyone in New York is doing something interesting. Especially if they have a menial dayjob like being in retail or a waiter. Actors, writers, pornstars, artists of every type flock to the city because they always seem to have a chance of making it.

This is the one place in the world where I feel completely comfortable and I don’t feel like people look at me like an alien when I speak my mind.

On any given night, you can almost guarantee an fascinating conversation or an encounter with a person who is a pure character.

9. How Affordable the Nightlife Is

Most of the places in New York have cheaper drinks than any other major city in the United States.

If you stay out of the high end clubs, you can expect to pay about 4-7$ for any type of beer or well drink.

Many of the spots I frequent in Brooklyn have a beer and shot special for 5$, so you don’t have to worry about going through all of your cash in one night.

10. People Want the Best the World has to Offer

Call it elitist if you want, but people want the best of everything in New York.

They want it all, from the best entertainment, the best food, the finest art, and the freakiest sex.

You hear it in the conversation, sometimes it gets annoying when I’m talking to girls and all they yammer on about is the seemingly great things they’ve done, but its part of the territory and easy to get used to.

The greatest thing about this is that you can experience it all in a relatively concentrated area. New York is jammed to the brim with some of the best things the world has to offer.

And its all there, waiting to be enjoyed.

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Memorial Day weekend is one of my favorite times to be in NYC, the weather is warmed up and people are happy to be free of winter, the city is filled with people, and there is a lot going on.

I highly, highly suggest taking advantage of this. It truly is an amazing offer.

Here are some words from an attendee of the previous Summit:

I’m pretty skeptical of most shit and when I see those other ‘game’ coaches running seminars jumping around going full retard on stage and charging $2000/weekend I just shake my head. They have 30-60 attendees with maybe 3 ‘coaches’ and from what I can tell they just fluff up everyones ego but don’t teach shit. Fuck that. Would you rather improve your swimming with an autistic guy in a hot tub or in the ocean with Phelps? Thats how I see the comparison.

Again none of the guys have asked me to write this, I just got ALOT out of the Mexico summit that I honestly feel the need to give back.

You guys will have a good time, especially since it’s on their home turf. Mexico was a shit show of awesomeness though. Big Grin

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About Goldmund

Goldmund grew up a wild-child and was constantly being disciplined. Using ancient rituals and game, he broke free from the shackles of his mind and the norms of this backwards society. He frequents bars in Brooklyn, mountains in Mexico, and retreats to the desert. His passions are nature and women.

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    • Well look who it is. I’ve seen you soaring around some dark places in the jungle man, ha!

      Get in touch when you are here, I’ll be around.

      Still almost unbelievable that we crossed paths the first time.

  1. I would love to spend a month in NYC sometime in the next year. I’m not nearly as charming as you, but I figure if I spend a full month in the city focusing on meeting women I can get lucky at least once. The only problem is rent. Any hints on how to find a place to stay for a month in a good location without paying three times what the annual-leasers pay? Time of year is flexible.

    • Airbnb would definitely be the way to go. A lot of places have monthly specials, I’d recommend that route.

      I rent out my place when I travel and its pretty easy to find someone on Airbnb or Craigslist.

      I’d recommend staying somewhere off the L line in Brooklyn, but next year the L is going to be closed for repairs and is going to mess up that commute.

      Spring and Fall are definitely the best months to visit weather wise.

  2. Dang…I need to get my ass over there asap.

    I’m living near DTLA & Hollywood, CA, so it ain’t that bad for me haha

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