Hitting the Jackpot with Daygame

I’ll let ya’ll guess which one ended up in my bed. I’m feeling classy today. The spring weather has been unpredictable in New York–like a moody French girl in a stable relationship–you don’t know what to expect but some strong wind, sudden rain, and shifting temperatures. I’ve been out during the day a few times in the past […]

The Invisible Benefits You Gain From Meeting Women

The past few weeks I’ve been hyper-focused on things related to the spirit. Mostly because I’ve been working a few hours each day on my next book–which tells the story of my ayahuasca experience in Peru and delves deep into the spirituality that shapes my worldview. Ayahuasca brings distant, powerful memories and beliefs up to the surface, […]

Observations in Nashville, TN (with video)

The 4 days spent in Nashville were a pleasantly wild surprise. I knew it was a city of music, beer, and rowdy times going in and the party for the entire time I was there did not disappoint. I’ll have a description of the ruckus I caused there–including a very unique hook-up story–and I’ll put up the post-coitus interview […]

How Not to Have a Meet-up

Show up in a city you have never been before Don’t have a specific time or place to meet Have four different modes of communication and you hate using them all: text, Twitter, email, and blog Meet up first with someone early and start drinking at 3pm Talk to a dozen girls and start to […]